Madden 17 Flashbacks Set Guide for Ultimate Team

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Ultimate Team is the big game mode of Madden 17, consisting of  Solo Challenges and the team building aspect. Set is one of the big part of Ultimate Team. In this article, a valuable flashback set guide is given to you.


Sets are the best way and sometimes the only way to get special edition items and they are a pretty good way to get rid of excess items, unless you want immediate coins, in which case just sell them. Flashbacks Set is an excellent set but it isn't a quick or cheap one to explain, but it does pay off. 


There are currently 18 Sub-Sets to complete within the Set and each one will reward you with a Flashback player rated at least 88 Overall (OVR). Here are the current available players (who have great performance).


  • 90 OVR Brandon Marshall, WR
  • 89 OVR Clay Matthews, MLB
  • 89 OVR Donald Penn, LT
  • 89 OVR Calais Campbell, LE
  • 89 OVR Martellus Bennett, TE
  • 88 OVR Nick Fairley, DT
  • 88 OVR DeAngelo Williams, RB
  • 88 OVR Connor Barwin, LOLB
  • 88 OVR Nick Foles, QB
  • 89 OVR DeMarco Murray, RB
  • 89 OVR Keenan Allen, WR
  • 88 OVR Jared Cook, TE
  • 88 OVR Ryan Clady, LT
  • 88 OVR Mario Williams, RE
  • 88 OVR Lawrence Timmons, MLB
  • 89 OVR Brian Orakpo, ROLB
  • 89 OVR Janoris Jenkins, CB
  • 88 OVR Reggie Nelson, FS


Each Sub-Set is made up of 6 items. A Flashback Badge and 5 player specific Flashback Collectibles. You can get a Flashback badge in a number of ways, the first being from the Flashback Badge Sub-Set. Another way is from one of the Weekly Challenges in Solo Challenges and you can earn them from a Flashback Pack. To get these Flashback Collectibles, you can get them from the Flashback Pack or you can buy them from the auction house. 


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