All 2KTV Answers and Questions NBA 2K23 (Ep 4, Ep 1, Ep 2 & Ep 3)

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All 2KTV Answers and Questions NBA 2K23 (Ep 4, Ep 1, Ep 2 & Ep 3)


Each NBA 2K23 2KTV episode has a bit of trivia: if you participate in-game, you can answer correctly and receive a hefty amount of VC. Are you looking for NBA 2K23 2KTV answers? You've come to the right place!

Here are all the correct answers for the NBA 2K23 2KTV Episode 4, Episode 3, Episode 2, and Episode 1:

NBA 2K23 2KTV Episode 4 Answers

Here are all the NBA 2K23 2KTV Episode 4 Answers:

Q1. Jayson Tatum
Q2. Interceptor
Q3. Kawhi Leonard
Q4. Rebound Chaser
Q5. Hawks
Q6. Halloween
Q7. China
Q8. Andre Iguodala
Q9. 32
Q10. Wizards
Q11. 21
Q12. 5
Q13. 3
Q14. 1980
Q15. 2KTV Studio
Q16. T-Pose
Q17. Any answer (vote for top play)

Every Question & Answer to Episode 1 of NBA 2KTV

1. Which of the following is not an NBA 2K23 cover athlete?
Answer: Candace Parker

2. How many players are on the cover of the NBA 2K23 WNBA edition?
Answer: 2

3. In what year did Michael Jordan win a collegiate title with the University of North Carolina?
Answer: 1982

4. How many games are featured in the Jordan challenge?
Answer: 15

5. Which MyNBA Eras mode are you most excited to try?
Answer: Any Answer

6. What is the name of your rival in myCareer?
Answer: Shep Owens

7. What is the name of the cruise ship in NBA 2K23?
Answer: The G.O.A.T Boat

8. What year was Devin Booker drafted into the NBA?
Answer: 2015

9. Which team did Devin Booker score a career-high 70 points against?
Answer: Celtics

10. Which of Devin Booker's collegiate teammates was drafted right before him in 2015?
Answer: Trey Lyles

11. Besides the addition of the All-Star Game to the W, which other area is also added in NBA 2K23?
Answer: Commissioner's Cup

12. What is the name of the new difficulty level in NBA 2K23?
Answer: Semi-Pro

13. How many Adrenaline Boosts does each player have per possession for handling the ball in NBA 2K23?
Answer: 3

14. Who made the most 3-pointers during the 2021-22 NBA regular season?
Answer: Stephen Curry

15. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your shooting skills in NBA 2K23?
Answer: Any Answer

16. How many New Shot Meters are there to choose from in NBA 2K23?
Answer: 5

17. What removal from NBA 2K23's MyTeam mode lets you use your cards as you please?
Answer: Contracts

18. Which of the following is not a Starter Card in MyTeam?
Answer: James Harden

19. Which MyTeam mode features a 4-point line?
Answer: Clutch Time

20. Who is the level 40 Reward Card in Season 1 of MyTeam?
Answer: Scottie Pippen

Every NBA 2K23 Question & Answer to Episode 2 of NBA 2KTV

1. How many times has Shaq been on the cover of NBA 2K?
Answer: 3

2. How many combined NBA championships have Klay Thompson and his father, Mychal, won?
Answer: 6

3. How many times has Zach Levine won the NBA Slam Dunk Contest?
Answer: 2

4. What is Zion Williamson's career Field Goal percentage?
Answer: 60%

5. What is the name of Klay Thompson's popular dog?
Answer: Rocco

6. In what year was Zion Williamson the #1 overall Draft Pick?
Answer: 2019

7. Which of the following is a new Badge in NBA 2K23?
Answer: Middy Magician

8. Which Badge category are you utilizing the most in NBA 2K23?
Answer: Any Answer

9. Which Badge category has the largest number of statistical categories in it?
Answer: Defense/Rebounding

10. Which Badge category has the smallest number of statistical categories in it?
Answer: Playmaking

11. How many tiers of Badges are there in the NBA 2K23 myPlayer Builder?
Answer: 3

12. In what year of NBA 2K did Badges make their first appearance?
Answer: NBA 2K15

13. In how many NBA seasons has Klay Thompson averaged above 40% on 3-Pointers?
Answer: 8

14. Which of these honors did Shaq achieve the most times?
Answer: All-Star

15. What is Shaq's DJ name?
Answer: DJ Diesel

16. In 2000, Shaq scored a career-high __ points against the Clippers.
Answer: 61

17. What jersey number did Shaq wear in his last NBA season?
Answer: 36

18. What is the name of the Shaq-themed pizza at Papa John's?
Answer: Shaq-A-Roni

19. Where did 2K22's top Play of the Year take place?
Answer: The Rec

20. How many Top Plays will you submit to 2KTV this year?
Answer: Any Answer

Every NBA 2K23 Question & Answer to Episode 3 of NBA 2KTV

1. What team did Tracy McGrady play the most seasons for?
Answer: Rockets

2. To improve your player's overall Rating, which of these do you have to increase?
Answer: MyPoints

3. How many times did T-Mac lead the League in scoring?
Answer: 2

4. This is the number of times T-Mac was an All-Star and also his number of All-NBA selections.
Answer: 7

5. This is the only other number Tracy McGrady wore in the NBA besides the iconic number 1.
Answer: 3

6. Tracy McGrady won the most improved player award in what year of his career?
Answer: 4

7. Which player that Alexis just mentioned scored the most career points?
Answer: Dell Curry

8. The Toronto Raptors became Tracy's first NBA home in 1997, drafting him at this pick number.
Answer: 9

9. What can you use to travel quickly to 10 areas of The City in NBA 2K23?
Answer: Subway

10. What is the name of the publicist who helps MP prepare for media responses?
Answer: Ashley

11. When you become a starter and complete the Welcome to the League quest, what is part of your reward?
Answer: MyPoints Accelerator

12. What's the name of the in-game show that features J.J. Redick and Kendrick Perkins in NBA 2K23's MyCareer?
Answer: Top Takes Daily

13. Which quest reward allows you to start future MyPlayer builds with a 90 overall Rating unlocked?
Answer: Rebirth

14. Under which category will you find leadership skills in The City's pause menu?
Answer: Progression

15. Which skateboarding-related quest introduces you to Tina and Lance?
Answer: Ollie Oop!

16. Which team selected Jaden Ivey as the first guard chosen in the 2022 NBA Draft?
Answer: Pistons

17. Which NBA player has the highest Ball Handle attribute currently in NBA 2K23?
Answer: Kyrie Irving

18. Which Badge boosts the scoring chances of the Receiver after a flashy pass?
Answer: Special Delivery

19. Which team did Richard Jefferson play for when he had his best 3-Point Shooting percentage?
Answer: Spurs

20. In what year did Richard Jefferson become an NBA champion?
Answer: 2016

How to Access NBA 2K23 2KTV?

On the next-gen version of NBA 2K23 (Xbox Series X|S and PS5), 2KTV is located in the bottom right, and the episode tends to start autoplaying as soon as you load up the main menu.

If you're playing NBA 2K23 on the current gen (Xbox One, PS4, or PC), then 2KTV is located at the bottom of the main menu.

There, you should see the questions popping out. A question, along with four answer options, appears on the screen. Make sure that you click the right button when choosing the answer. Around 100-200 VC are rewarded when players get the correct answer.

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