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  • How to Play Wittily in Madden 17
    As we all know, before the start of one Madden 17 game, the coach will develop the tactics of the game, how to attack, defense, and the division of each person, how to do each person, the coach will start before the game plan. But the scene a lot of sudden situation and when the coach is too late to respond, the players should know how to do. So today I will introduce three guides for how to play wittily in Madden 17, we will talk from three aspects: Passing, Pump Fake and Change Play.
  • 10 Reasons You Should Expect For Madden 18: Part Two
    We talked about the five of ten reasons you should expect for Madden 18: Part One, and today, we will went on to the next section, maybe you will think there are so many fun in new Madden 18, but do not worry, more exciting still here, we will introduce another five highlights of Madden 18.
  • 10 Reasons You Should Expect For Madden 18: Part One
    Some of Madden 18’s features have been released till now, and someone think it is so good, but others do not think so. Pessimist always will not get their hopes up too high, but Madden 18 is really not any place we can look forward to? Obviously, we are all wrong, at least pessimist are wrong. There are a lot new things worth we are looking forward, and today, I will introduce five of ten reasons we should expect for Madden 18, Here are the details.

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