Lost Ark Guide: Aira's Oculus Abyssal Dungeons Raid

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Aira's Oculus is the first level 3 Abyss dungeon that Lost Ark players will be able to enter, and they need to know a lot to complete it.


Lost Ark Guide: Aira


Nut Well is currently the first and only Tier 3 Abyss dungeon in the Northern and European version of Lost Ark . Considering the rate at which the player base in this game reaches level 3 and Honing's current state, it only makes sense that a 1325+ item level is low. Content quite yet. However, given that the April update includes the Battle Pass, it doesn't feel like the content is too far off.

The first level of Nut Well, Ira's Oculus, now requires Lost Ark players to be at least item level 1325 and be more than familiar with all the complex raiding mechanics they had to experience in Abyss Dungeons levels 1 2. However, compared to Oreha Prevasa, something like Aira's Oculus has less to go through, so let's get started.



Section 1: Defeat the Legion of Converging Chaos

The first part of this highly anticipated Level 3 Abyss Dungeon is quite boring. It doesn't have the flavor of Warlord's Ghost Palace Hall or the unique mechanics of Sea of ​​Sloth's Paradise Gate.

Players just run around the same "tropical" fields. Area, because they did throughout the main story quest for Punica's dungeons in his somewhat extended storyline and clearing the demons from the Mayhem Legion. Luckily, it's pretty short and doesn't take long to get through and jump right into the Cierra Raging boss fight.



Section 2: Furious Cierra

The first boss players of Aira's Oculus will be confronting Frenzied Cierra, and the "Frenzied" part of his name plays a role in his Boss fight mechanic. Every time this Boss is dazed or incapacitated, he gains a stack of the frenzy buff that increases his overall attack power. After three stacks, this buff becomes absurd, and Cierra quickly becomes capable of killing players in one shot. Easily. So the optimum final result of this fight is to stun Cierra as generally as possible to acquire no cost damage while also preserving his rage stacks low for your survival. But how is the party supposed to do both of these things simultaneously? This is where Cicerra's main mechanic comes in - his Grab Attack.

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Important Mechanic: Grab Attack

After every second of using his Directed Flail Attack (described below), Cierra will flash red and then attempt to grapple any player directly in front of him. A captured Cierra will not let go until a stagger check is passed. If the group hits Cierra in time, he will drop an ally and lose his damage buff stack.

He is attempting. This is the primary way to prevent Cicerra's damage from going up to a one-hit kill. After he hits two stacks, players should start looking out for his flail attacks and intentionally stand in front of the Boss soon after that to obtain grappled, or dedicate themselves to your DPS race and emphasize killing Cierra as speedily as possible while dodging any grappling attacks.

Remember, however, that getting grabbed after Cierra reaches 3+ stacks is a team wipe. He immediately slams the player to the ground, killing them and sending out a wide AoE shockwave that usually wipes out the rest of the group.

Alternatively, players can remove any stun skills or runes that increase stun before this Boss, but that's a lot harder. And is a kind of workaround, not a solution.


Normal Attacks

Frenzied Cierra only has one trick to worry about, which may seem minor considering it's a Tier 3 Abyss Dungeon. Still, in return, it has a decent amount of high-damage regular attacks that players should be wary of:


Directional flail attack

Enraged, Cierra spins her glowing purple Flail over her head before striking four different spots in her main directions (also known as North, South, East, and West). He finishes this attack with one last throw of the Flail in front of him with a large red telegraph, and immediately after this finisher, he also proceeds to his Grab Attack. Keep in mind that the spots it hits with the Flail leave behind some purple flames, and any person who comes into getting in touch with it brings a debuff that temporarily increases damage taken and cuts down the staggering damage they deal for the Boss.


Roar & Spin Attack

By far one of Cicerra's deadliest attacks, but luckily it also has the most obvious indicator. When Cierra stops her actions and roars straight towards the sky, this attack is getting closer, and players should move as far as possible as soon as possible. After roaring, the Boss spins his Flail several times, dealing a large amount of damage for each spin the player is caught in. Unsuspecting players who fall into this once Cierra gets two stacks of her damage buff will quickly find themselves dead. On the ground.


Summon Dark Orb

The Boss reaches out and summons a giant flaming purple orb from it that follows a random payer. On impact, the orb explodes and deals damage to anyone nearby. The player following the orb must always keep it away from the rest of the group.



Section 3: Destroy the Music Boxes of Madness

After Cierra, another mob clearing section in the Oculus Aira is very similar to the first mob clearing section but a bit more tedious. Instead of just killing more Mayhem Legion soldiers, players should also look for music boxes from the 2nd part of the map, ruin them, and destroy the mobs that spawn from them.

And after the last Music Box is destroyed, the group goes into battle with an elite enemy, the Mad King Woopir, who looks like a replica of Shamos from Chaos Gates players who sell materials and earn more Lost Ark money. After the ten seconds it takes to defeat this elite mob, they are tormented by a long vine-climbing animation before reaching a checkpoint that will bring them face to face with the grotesque Demon that is Seto.



Final Section: Lost Setu

Moving to everyone's "favorite" place, Fight the Boss in all of Lost Ark, fight the creepy clown known as Lost Seto. Seto is a unique fight, as all of his attacks are based on wacky colors and circus equipment. It throws hula hoops, runs on a ball, has many glitter particle effects, etc. Mechanically, Seto probably has the most "systems." Players should be aware of all previous Abyss Dungeon Bosses before him, including the Sea Dragon Drakhan:


Restoring health

Seto has innate HP regeneration, which means he gains a small amount of HP every second unless countered by a status effect. It's an aspect of Seto combat that isn't talked about much, but that can make the fight a lot more tiring than it should be. And while the HP restored may seem small, it can indeed result in you getting to drain 3 to 4 much more HP bars than the group if they were to use 1 Bleed rune. Any debuff that deals permanent damage can counteract this, such as tripods that cause skills to deal fire damage. But, By far, the surest way to nullify this system is to make sure everyone has at least one skill with a Bleeding Rune equipped.


Agile attacks

Seto will use this attack throughout the fight to produce two blue telegraphs close to him, one conical and 1 round. Only one of these two telegraphs will do damage, and the other is a Deception. There are two ways to determine which one is a "Trick". attack:

  • It's hard to see, but one of the telegraphs is a little more transparent than the other and goes more into the ground.
  • The second and more reliable way is looking for the telegraph that will disappear first. The one that disappears first is the feint, and the other is the actual attack.

Of course, since neither of these two telegraphs is hard to dodge, players can walk away from Seto entirely. To avoid them 100% of the time.


Red & Black totems

Seto will summon both Disco Balls and Circus Balls during all stages of the fight, which will eventually pierce the ground and become red or black totems. If they are red, they will constantly drain any player's skill resources in their aura, be it energy or mana. If they are black, they explode after a short time, dealing moderate damage. Breaking their course cancels any of these actions.


Stage change

Last on the list of Seto's systems to keep in mind is the change of stage, which he does between three different phases. Players fight Seto in a cave in the first stage, but once his HP bar drops to around 16, he will take everyone to the second stage. This second arena is a challenge to the eyes. But fortunately, it is easier to see his telegraphs this way. Once Seto gets down to the 6th health bar, he will start the third phase, teleporting everyone back to the same cave as in the first phase.


Explosive bombardment

While not necessarily an erasure mechanic, this is how it works most of the time. To see this, players need to watch when Seto juggles while standing on the circus ball. This is usually a visual indication of a key being pressed, but if it doesn't, then a bombardment is coming. Seto releases waves immediately after waves of explosive circus balls into the arena, generating an overlapping target-shaped pattern of telegraphs. Half with the rings of each target are harmless zones, plus the other half are hazardous zones. To effortlessly avoid this visually confusing attack, players need to get a single phase forward following every single explosion, putting them immediately into one of the safe and sound rings for that upcoming blast.


Key input 

To begin, Seto jumps on his circus ball, and several spotlights illuminate him briefly as he juggles before all the players suddenly freeze in place, and a key sequence appears on the screen. Directly below these keys shows how much time the player has left to finish entering the arrangement. Seto will create a large round red telegraph around him that will most likely instantly kill anyone who gets hit by it when time runs out. And, since players can't move unless they type it in time, it's essentially a Wipe Attack. Several essential factors to note about this attack:

  • It only uses the duplicate keys that players use for their skills, AKA QWERASDF. The enter keys never form a word but are a random combination of those letters.
  • Players can skip input once or twice and still avoid the erasure attack in time. problem.
  • Although it usually happens during the second phase of the fight, Seto can use this attack at almost any time, so try always to be ready for it.


Bonds of love

This can be among the most important mechanic to keep an eye on, especially on Aira's [Hard] variant of Oculus. Seto can use this attack at any time after the first phase, but only once per battle. During the fight with Seto, he will randomly summon red lightning around him, and the text "Love Ties" should appear over three of the four players who have just been imprisoned. Seto then stands still, playing around, emitting these circles of pinkish energy while he waits for this mechanic to complete. <strong>At this time, the only player who has not been imprisoned must walk around and use elemental attacks or multi-hit abilities to free all of their teammates. After a short time, red telegraphs appear under where these three areally and kill them with one shot if they are not freed in time to get out of the way. Then, after another couple of seconds, the player who freed the remaining time will suddenly be imprisoned. But instead of a purple bar that depletes based on the number of hits, this bar is based on damage dealt, so players should use their highest damage abilities to free their ally. In short:

  • Three allies are imprisoned. One is still at large.
  • An ally who can still move must attack his allies and deplete the purple bar to free them.
  • After the set time expires, red telegraphs appear below the allies and instantly knock them out if they're still imprisoned.
  • Shortly after that, the ally who was still at large is imprisoned.
  • The other three party members must deal as much damage as possible to drain the purple bar under that ally before the red telegraph appears.


Clearing the totem

Seto teleports to the center of the arena and begins to summon dozens of circle balls that pop out of the ground, bounce several times, then half sink into the ground and turn into either a Black or Red Totem. 

Players should focus on clearing as many of these totems as they spawn, as when too many spawn, Seto will use a group wipe attack. Usually, throughout this mechanic, Seto will also drop an explosive orb that players will need to dodge while standing in safe zones.


Normal attacks

While it may seem like Lost Seto also has a lot of regular attacks that he uses, it's a good thing. Many of Seto's attacks have large windows for the group to avoid and then deal damage while his animation is playing.


Double Hula Hoop

Then the rings stop after a certain distance and return to Seto in a circle, one up, one down. Keep in mind that Seto is technically roughly in the middle of the "circle". These rings are pulled into the air, so they fly after him before returning in a straight line. The easiest way to altogether avoid this attack is to stay on the side of him for the first throw and then go forward to the end. During the third phase, these rings can also deal insane damage.


Chasing the ball

Usually used during his second phase, Seto jumps on a circus ball and starts chasing the player at random. If he hits them, they take moderate damage, but Seto trips and falls face down, leaving himself open to damage while recovering if they avoid him long enough.



The Boss launches a circus ball in front of his foot before landing a big kick. He then kicks the ball, summons another one, and continues to hit, aiming at a random player each time. These balls deal much damage on impact and bounce around for a while, even bouncing off walls. In total, he usually hits from three to five balls.


Ora Ora Ora

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fans can probably guess the next attack just from the name. Seto runs up to the player, stops, completes the strike, and then continues to unleash a flurry of punches in their direction. It can be canceled if Seto glows blue when completed. Deals severe damage on hit and even more damage in the third phase.


Portal Kicks 

Then, just after a 2nd or two, numerous compact red telegraphs appear through the entire arena, every single generating a portal that 1 of Seto's legs "throws up". Immediately after numerous hits, a significant telegraph appears, which turns into a portal from which Seto returns. Outside.


Constant Attack

Seto strikes a pose while standing entirely still before oddly rushing forward without moving his limbs. He does this up to 3 times within a row, just about every time teleporting to a distinctive starting up place.


Jump attack

The Boss puts his arms at his sides and strikes a pose before flying up and off the screen, and shortly after that descends on a random player again.


Fan-shaped punch

Seto throws himself back using a puff of smoke/air from his fist and then rotates his arm to deliver a punch that creates three fan-shaped red telegraph lines on the ground. Once these telegraphs are full, Seto sends three of his bracelets outward in a fan shape, dealing moderate damage on impact. There is also a variant of this attack where Seto randomly sends a bunch of his cone bracelets that do not have the same red telegraph before it happens.


The kiss of death

Seto blows a kiss to the player closest to him, stunning them before many portals open around Seto and the player, causing flying bracers that all meet in the middle, usually where the player gets stuck in place. It deals significant damage and can deal one hit in the third phase.


Increased sweeping kick 

Seto areas a sizable red conical telegraph around the ground, immediately filling up. Seto swings his leg horizontally when it can be total, inflating his portion like a balloon just ahead of kicking. Deals reasonable damage and knock up.


Normal & Hard Mode Differences

Despite the significant item level spike required to complete the [Hard] version of the Nut Well in the mode (and all of Honing's failed attempts), the two difficulty options aren't all that different. Apart from some general buffs for both HP and damage, players can enter Aira's Oculus, expecting more trouble fighting Lost Seto or Enraged Cierra. But for being much more unique, right here would be the actual variations:

  • Hard mode is locked after a minimum item level of 1370.
  • Hardmode drops various materials built into ilvl 1370 Legendary gear, as well as similar rewards in the form of item-level trinkets.
  • Both [Normal] and [Hard] modes have the same characteristics. input meter, which means that if the player has already cleared the Oculus Aira on [Normal], they will not be able to try [Hard] mode until the weekly reset is completed.
  • In general, bosses are slightly more durable and deal much more damage to players with all attacks.
  • Frenzied Cicerra starts with one stack of his Fury Damage Amplification. instead of the 0, he starts on [Normal] mode.
  • Lastly, some of Seto's explosive ball-based attacks have extra telegraphs to dodge, and Seto seems to use his more complex mechanics a little more often, though this may be the result of him having more HP.


Recommended Consumables & Other Related Items

Because the Seto fight is so mechanical, there are quite a few consumables that can change the game of Aira's Oculus, such as:

  • HP potions are the (hopefully) obvious choice. Elemental HP potions are also highly recommended as they can be used in dungeons two more times.
  • Dark Grenades are helpful in both boss fights but are especially useful for those who want to try damaging Cierra instead of worrying about his damage buffs.
  • Fire grenades help Seto a lot in combat, as they are a constant "trigger" of the flame damage that the grenade deals to the ground and can help free allies from prisoner status without having to attack them.
  • Time Cease Potions are often useful for tanking 1 of Sierra's significant damage boosted attacks but are a great deal far better utilized to obtain by Seto's far more annoying attacks like Explosive Balloon Bombardment
  • And of course, as always, players should already have a lot of Skill Point Potions. Collected and their raid class customization equipped with their gear, ability to cut stone, engravings, and accessories.