Player's Personal Feelings On MUT 16

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In our most recent poll here on Operation Sports, we found that just under 12% of you are playing Ultimate Team above the other modes in the game. When combined with Draft Champions (perhaps Ultimate Team lite), that number is 22%. 


In our newest poll, we're asking you what your feelings on Ultimate Team are. Do you ever see yourself switching to it as a primary mode? Do you dabble in it already? 

MUT 16


The First View:


I would love to dive into MUT, however as it stands right now it doesn't pull me in like it does for others. The main reason for this is all players animate too similar (with the exception of QB throwing animations). I don't understand the intrigue with this mode when average players can pull off the same moves as Legends/Superstars.


My point is EA needs to really start to differentiate how these players animate especially RB's. Players should have their own player specific animation packages to prevent them from all doing the same moves with basically the same effectiveness. This would go a long way in adding intrigue to MUT for someone like me who wants to give it a try but can't justify investing in it for these reasons. As of now I just don't see the long term fun in the mode until EA really starts to individualize these players not only with traits & ratings but also in how they animate.


The Second View:


Personally, for me, I'm just not a fan of the mode, though I admit I don't really understand it, either. It doesn't appeal to me, having to spend a good amount of money for digital cards that won't carry over into future games.


I can only assume it is a big deal for EA because it rakes in cash. I have no issue if that's what people like, go for it, my only request on EA's part would be to not sacrifice other aspects of the game just to focus on UT. Franchise needs a lot of love, and I only worry it doesn't get enough attention because of the other modes EA's execs would prefer to focus on because they bring in money.


From a business standpoint, yeah I get it; from a consumer standpoint, it lends to a dissatisfaction. If the workload is shared, by all means, though that certainly doesn't absolve them of all the issues with the "primary mode" of the game.


The Third View:


I hate Ultimate Team with a passion across all EA games. I have no interest in the game mode, as you just end up against pay-to-win guys, and exploiters.


I feel it's now pretty much their main focus, which means the rest of the modes I would play get less attention, and as a result are sub-par. 


In terms of franchise mode (which is what I play the most of) it seems they just add a feature one year, and take it away the next year, just so they can reintroduce it later - which is lazy. Franchise modes across the board just feel threadbare, and I don't see it improving any time soon.


So, what's your view? Share it by leaving comment below!

MUT 16