Five Things Will Be Seen In Madden NFL 16

MaddenStore Date: Jan/28/16 23:20:43 Views: 2081

Madden 16 has been popular. We have a few ideas about elements we'd love to see in the next game, which could make the experience even more immersive.

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A Livelier Crowd


When it comes to Madden games there are plenty of impactful plays, including last-second touchdown catches and key interceptions. What if there was an even more dynamic crowd reacting to the action?


For Madden NFL 16, hearing the feedback from emotional fans would really put you inside the game. If Giants QB Eli Manning throws a costly interception, the home crowd could boo to voice their displeasure. Likewise, if a big play occurs and it puts Big Blue in the lead with only a few seconds left, those same fans would stand up and go crazy.


Reaction to Weather


It’s common to see rain and snow in Madden games, but seldom do these conditions affect players. Fumbles happen, obviously, but we want to see guys slip and get dirty. Taking it a step further, maybe some players don’t perform that well in different temperatures.


Tweaking weather would add a new dynamic to the game, forcing players to rethink certain strategies. If there’s a lot of mud on the field, for example, passing might be the smarter idea, or should you run? Decisions!


Dynamic Create-a-Player


Every football fan wants to insert him or herself into their sport to see how they'd fare as a superstar quarterback or defender. What if you could build a player from scratch? 


With that in mind, franchise mode could offer an option where gamers can build their players from the ground up and take them through a series of games that eventually result in pro contracts. For good measure, it never hurts to have a storyline for added drama, like the up-and-coming Johnny Manziel, his temporary fall from grace and an eventual return (maybe) with the Browns. Side note, why not include the Combine as well?


More Playbook Customization and the Ability to Create Plays


We’d love to create our own plays! The creativity of avid football fans would be on full display. The community could share playbooks and watch things really take off.  There could even be a ranking system where online gamers rate the best playbooks.


Player Emotion Impacting Performance


Wouldn't it be interesting if a player's emotions (based on stats in the game) affected his overall performance? This would add a new element to the Madden experience. A QB with three INTs in one game may lose some confidence, while an entire team gains a small boost after two consecutive touchdowns.