A Brand New Mode: MUT Salary Cap Ranked Beta

MaddenStore Date: Apr/16/16 11:05:04 Views: 2122

EA announced a new mode coming to Madden Ultimate Team in the near future - MUT Salary Cap Ranked (Beta). One thing that EA highlights in the original article is that Salary Cap Ranked Beta is a "fundamental change" to the way players can approach Madden Ultimate Team. An important thing to note is that Salary Cap Ranked will not replace other modes we have grown to enjoy like Draft Champions, MUT Head to Head, etc.



Salary Cap Ranked Beta is not just a new game mode, it's a fundamental change that is felt throughout the entire Madden Ultimate Team experience by assigning a Cap Value to every player and redefining how to assemble a lineup. 


This is being referred to as a "Beta" because of the size of the feature and the timing of when we're releasing it. When we ran the Madden Challenge on Draft Champions Ranked, we heard your voices. It was clear that there was a major appetite to support competitive games in the Madden Ultimate Team structure. 


Basics of Salary Cap Ranked Beta


Cap Value: Every player item now will have a new number on the front of the item. This will be the players Cap Value. Once the new Salary Cap Beta Title Update is released, you will notice every player item in Madden Ultimate Team now has a new number on the front of the item.


Salary Cap Events: are structured the same way Draft Champions Ranked Events are – play until you've reached 6 wins or 2 losses, whichever comes first. The game mode will be similar to Draft Champions Ranked Events where you will play until you reach 6 wins or 2 losses. The entry fee to play Salary Cap Ranked will be 1 Event Ticket and tickets you already own can be used in the new game mode. Rewards for playing in these Salary Cap Events will scale with each win.




Lineups: Unlike Draft Champions where you get 15 rounds to pick your players, Salary Cap Ranked Lineups will be based on a 34-man lineup (32 base players; 2 "flex" players) from player items in your Item Binder.


Gameplay: In Salary Cap Ranked, EA has turned off injuries and players will fatigue at a slower rate. So the key is to manage your lineups in such a way that you maximize your players' potential for the win.



Be on the look out for future homepage posts on how we plan to update our tools to support Salary Cap Ranked in the future.


What are you thoughts on Salary Cap Ranked Beta? Will you be playing this new game mode when it is released? 


More Details by clicking the EA website.