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Ultimate Team And Franchise Model Are Still Available In Madden 18

Madden's ultimate team and franchise model will return to Madden 18, the former included in the past and now the best players. The franchise mode will allow you to manage your franchise through the Madden partner application on your phone.


In the EA 2017 event, the publisher released Madden 18's "Longshot" storytelling pattern, which will follow Devin Wade's story because he tried to turn his NFL career hopes from dream to reality. In the story of the FIFA 17 "journey", but also from the "dead" and other Telltale game out, players will have a variety of options to help or hinder Wade's career.



According to EA's Mike Young, the Longshot model will have multiple outcomes, and icons like Dan Marino, Chad Johnson and Bill Cowher will appear. A reconnaissance report will track your decision in Devin Wade's shoes, whether on or off the court, our protagonist will not even be the star of the NFL.


There will not be a NFL game in Longshot, but that the story pattern will be done on Draft Day at the beginning of the 2017 regional combination, so you follow Devin Wade through his origin Effective story. In addition, Young tells us that in the whole mode, there will not be a single load screen because Longshot is a playable movie, not a connected franchise, but can be unlocked like Chad Johnson for Madden 18.


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