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Madden NFL Mobile Deep Dive in March 2017 Update

Hello, Madden Mobile fans, Happy Spring Break! Today, lets talk about the update in Madden NFL Mobile on March 2017 form three parts, the Field Playcall update, inbox update and Defensive Gameplan Tuning. Here are the details.

Inbox Updates

With the push of a button, form your inbox, you can management your auction house easier. Your auction house can get instantly winnings when the players press the dismiss button. IF your auction expired or didn’t sell, the dismiss all button will also clear any postings. Other messages in your inbox, besides auction house, are sorted by   and can also be dismissed as a group.

Defensive Gameplan Tuning

Firstly, we took a tuning pass on counters and made the level 2 counter more difficult for the Offense. When we looked at the numbers across the board, the community was gaining too many yards for that severity, so we dialed it up. Game difficulty in league vs. league play will also be increased for similar point scoring reasons. We increased the difficulty on all play type counters, and also addressed the bug where frequency counters were not triggering critical counters. We are committed to balancing the game based on feedback we look at on the number of games being played. 

On the Field Playcall

Players can see their fans suggested play recommendations on the field now . Flip instantly between 3 plays, all recommended based on the game situation, and you can voice your own opinions at any time, maybe your proposal will help a lot for the players .

Concluding remarks

All of above are into the Madden NFL Mobile April update. Wish you guys will like it, and see your next time! Go this site to see more details:

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