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Madden NFL 17 Tips for Gold Lineup

There have been lineup suggestions among the community. We don't have specific tips for your arranged line up. But we will provide general tips to assist with the lineup.


A good strat is just search a position, filter by gold then by overall. From there u can check the stats your looking for. Things to be stressed these in order. Offense: 1. Speed, 2. Catching, carrying for WRs and rbs and run block for o line. Defense: 1. Speed 2. Play Rec 3. Blockshed for d line and lbs, 4. Man and zone coverage for dbs. 


Besides, the following tips will assist you.


1. The most recent gold playoff corners are the best. All 90+ speed with ld Chem and 89-90 man coverage. The Atlanta one is the best. A giants and Miami one too.


2. Landon Collins at as is a beast card.


3. Stills and Nelson totw WRs. Burn city


4. get a couple conductor gold qbs.


5. get an o line with all 90+ RB.


6. Playoff lbs with 87+ speed are available and bud Dupree totw gold is a must. He should be your user.


7. get d lineman with 87+ blockshed.


Hope these tips are beneficial to your lineup. Good luck.

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