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Madden 17: Franchise may Use New Engine Developed by DICE

The new American football game of EA sports will soon land in the hands of its fans. It is said that "Madden NFL 17" will be released in August 23rd and it will feature a new kind of engine that would improve the gameplay.


Madden 17


As of now the current upcoming "Madden" is still utilizing the Ignite engine which is also being used by other EA sports titles like the upcoming "NBA Live 2K17." However, in the future, the developers are considering using the new engine that was developed by DICE, called Frostbite. The Frostbite engine will make the game's graphics more fluid and the loading time of the game will be lesser. Moreover, the AI will be more advanced and the physics of the subjects would be closer to reality.


Other games are already taking advantage of the new engine. Those games are Mass Effect, Battlefield, and Star Wars: Battlefront and more.


In the new "Madden NFL 17", it may be seen Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots as this year's cover. However, the player that would be featured on the cover before was thought to be Odell Beckham Jr. The player was hoping that he would make the cover of the popular game for the second time.


It is also said that players with Xbox One will have the upper hand because they will be able to play the game earlier if they have EA access. The selling price for the standard edition for the game will be $59.99.


On the other the deluxe edition will cost fans $79.99, but there will be a lot of features included in the game such as 10 Madden NFL Ultimate Team All Pro Packs and 30 pieces of Madden NFL ranked tickets.


Fans can expect the game to come out on Aug. 23 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox One.

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