Vikings eBook MUT Style

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The Vikings playbook is great for Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) because of the stock audibles and unique way the personnel audibles into each set. We are going to take a look at this playbook in depth in my most recent Madden 16 tip. Let’s breakdown the Vikings offensive playbook in this FREE Madden 16 eBook.




The intro covers all of the major ideas associated with this playbook. It will give you a proper mindset while digesting and implementing this offensive game play.



Ace Twins Offset


The Ace Twins offset allows you to attack the defense at any time using the Inside Zone. The inside zone is a great run and allows you to take the ball to any side of the defensive front. The passing out of this set is also extremely effective.


  • Posts: Drag or Slant A
  • PA Verts Shot: Slant A
  • Inside Zone: Go inside, outside, or cut it back.



Ace Pair Twins


The Ace Pair Twins is a great under center formation with some good passing options. The run options are not so amazing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t run the ball from this set… it just means the inside zone from the Gun is a much better option.


  • Y Go: Drag or Slant RB
  • PA Boot LT: No Adjustments



Singleback Ace Close, Singleback Ace Pair and Bunch Ace


These sets all contain a few really awesome plays. You also have the option to audible into any of the other formations we covered in this book from this set.


Singleback Ace Close

  • Tight Slots TE Angle: RB Swing to the Corner route TE Side. Run it with the Corner route on the short side of the field.


Singleback Ace Pair

  • TE Attack: Drag B. Run the play with the twin TEs to the short side of the field.
  • Weak Zone: Works best to the right, but can be ran to either side.


Singleback Bunch Ace

  • Divide (Right Hash): No adjustments. ** Optional Block running back or put him on a vertical.
  • Divide (Left Hash): Drag RB. Motion B outside to the right.
  • Inside Zone: Inside or outside run to the bunch side.



Gun Wing Trips Vikes

This formation is your balanced 3 WR set. The run in this set works great, it has a screen play that allows you to throw the ball away or throw to a safe read, and the passing plays are explosive. This set has great balance.


  • Hi Lo Dig: No Adjustments
  • HB Slip Screen: Shift line to the left. From the right hash you can throw the ball away every time. From the left hash the TE flat pass is always open.
  • PA Slide: Drag B, X Vertical.
  • Four Verticals: Drag X. Run it with your trips to the short side.
  • Split Zone: Great run and you can take it to any side



Singleback Tight Double On


This set has some explosive passing plays especially for beating man coverage. This will cause your opponent to drop linemen in coverage and will open up the run game.


  • Shakes: Flat Pass X
  • PA Y-Drag Wheel: Slant/Drag A
  • HB Zone Wk: Great run that can be ran to either side. Running it to the left with a TE at the slot WR makes for a great outside run.
  • Draw: Great run for people playing quarters or a lot of coverage




Strong Close, Strong Twins, I Form Normal


Strong Close

  • Create your own screen: Flat pass TE, Wheel FB, Vertical B
  • Strong Toss: Great outside run. Be patient and run parallel to the line of scrimmage until your blocks engage, then get up field.
  • Inside Zone: Stock to the left which is a great compliment to the toss right. It can also be ran to the right
  • Mesh: No Adjustments
  • Double Outs (Left Hash): Drag X. Motion B Outside.
  • Double Outs (Right Hash): Drag B


Strong Twins

  • HB Dive: Great inside run


I form Normal

  • HB Zone: B gap run that can be taken inside or outside.



That concludes my breakdown of the Vikings offensive playbook. Use this eBook to help elevate your offensive game in Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) and Draft Champions game modes. Be sure to visit for more awesome Madden 16 tips as well as other content!