The Way to Get Rookie Premiere in Madden 18

MaddenStore Date: Jul/11/18 09:11:17 Views: 3664
It comes as no surprise that one of the most well-known modes in Madden 18, Madden Ultimate Group, keeps players coming back frequently. Ultimate Team consists of players opening packs of trading cards which contain actual NFL Players to make use of in your team in Madden 18. Players build a group with the best players they've and then compete for head to head in a series of matches. EA Sports introduced a new system they are calling Rookie Premiere.
Madden 18
EA Sports states that this system is usually to enable reward players who have been grinding out Madden 18 Ultimate Team in pursuit of all of the high-level cards via the head to head matches, scouring the Auction House, and playing solo matches. In addition, they stated that in the event you full the Rookie Premiere Program it can give you a enhance in the upcoming Madden 19.
Unlike Madden 18 coins, this system introduces ten Rookie Premiere cards for players to collect, and after they collect the complete set it'll grant them a far more potent version in Madden 19.
5 Offensive players and 5 Defensive players are included in Rookie Premiere cards:
QB Sam Darnold
RB Saquon Barkley
WR Calvin Ridley
TE Hayden Hurst
OG Quenton Nelson
RE Bradley Chubb
ROLB Leighton Vander Esch
MLB Roquan Smith
CB Denzel Ward
SS Derwin James
These cards may be obtained by buying Rookie Premiere packs, or earning them with in-game currency, also as acquiring them in the Auction House. They're able to also be earned by collecting a currency referred to as Rookie Premiere Patches that are obtained by finishing particular requirements. 
Here are requirements in Madden 18:
Add 2x 92 Overall Rookie Premiere Players for 1 Rookie Premiere Patch - unlimited completions
Add 6 85-89 NFL Draft Players for 1 Rookie Premiere Patch - can only be completed 10 times
Add 1 87-91 Power Up Player for 1 Rookie Premiere Patch - can only be completed 8 times
Add 1 92-94 Power Up Player for 2 Rookie Premiere Patches - can only be completed 7 times
Add 1 95-97 Power Up Player for 3 Rookie Premiere Patches - can only be completed 6 times
Add 1 98-99 Power Up Player for 5 Rookie Premiere Patches - can only be completed 4 times