Share The Favorite Moments In Madden 16

MaddenStore Date: Dec/30/15 22:14:03 Views: 2014

Today, I just wanted to share and hear about some favorite moments playing madden 16 connected franchise mode, don't know about any of you but I really get into it.


My favorite season was my first season in charge of the NY Giants, was a while ago so can't remember specifics like stats and such. But with Eli, Beckham, and a daunting defense leading the charge, my g-men went 14-2, losing only to the Cowboys twice, sadly, a loss by a field goal with time expiring.

NY Giants


Had record breaking year with Eli and Beckham (td's in a season 26 & game 7). Eli broke the record for passing td's in a season & game, yards in a game, and was on the verge of breaking the yards in a season record in the first quarter of the 16th game, when he ruptured his spleen ( can't remember exactly), but was only about 100 or so yards short, and was out until the Superbowl. Eli also won the season mvp.


Ryan Nassib came in for the playoffs, first against green bay in divisional play, sent them packing pretty easily. Then came seattle in the conference game, and that defence was no joke.


Choked my offense which was 2nd in points scored and I think 3rd in offensive yards. Came down to one last throw, needing a td to tie the game for OT after being down 21-3 starting the 4th quarter. Being on my own 30-40. Victor Cruz came down with the play action pass all alone on the slant and had only about 15 yards until the end zone all alone and who other than Richard Sherman comes zooming down the field, stops Cruz I think 7 yards short, and that was it, after playing every game i lost by 7 yards, the game before the Superbowl.


Well, share your favorite moments when you play madden 16 with us by leaving comments below. By the way, always provides cheap madden 16 coins and fast delivery. Welcome to your visit!