Madden NFL 19 Rating For The Top-10 Patriots Around The Roster

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Madden NFL 19 will be released on August 10th, therefore, it is necessary to stock Madden 19 coins enough. Let us now enter the topic that the Patriots have had a player grace the cover of Madden NFL for the previous two seasons. 
For Madden NFL 17, Rob Gronkowski was able to snag the cover of the video game and last year it was Tom Brady getting on there for the G.O.A.T. edition. While it doesn't look like a three-peat is in the works for 2019, New England finds a solid amount of their players held in high regard in terms of their ranking. 
Maddden 19
Due to YouTuber Miguel "Gator" Lozada, we're finding a 1st look at this year's opening Madden rating for the top-10 Patriots around the roster. Certainly, these ratings could transform by the time the game is really released, nevertheless, it provides a great snapshot of where they stand heading into training camp in the subsequent month. 
Here's a look at the top-10 Patriots currently in Madden NFL 19: 
Tom Brady - 97
Rob Gronkowski - 92
Devin McCourty - 91
Jason McCourty - 86
Stephon Gilmore - 85
Trey Flowers - 85
Julian Edelman - 84
Adrian Clayborn - 83
David Andrews - 83
Patrick Chung - 81 
Right off the bat what jumps out is how high Jason McCourty is ranked on this list as he's right behind his twin brother, Devin, and in front of the likes of Trey Flowers and Stephon Gilmore. McCourty did have a strong season with Cleveland in 2017 totaling 65 tackles, three interceptions and 14 passes defended, while often squaring up against the top pass catchers in the NFL. Still, it does seem strange that he's above Trey Flowers, who could be looked at as underrated more so than Jason McCourty being underrated. 
A different noticeable aspect to this list is who's not on it, specifically with regards to Dont'a Hightower. The linebacker is coming off a torn pectoral muscle that cut his 2017 season quick, but when healthier he's on the list of more versatile linebackers within the NFL. He can line up in the middle of your defense and assume the responsibilities of wearing the green dot, whilst also obtaining the capability to kick outdoors and present pressure coming off the edge. 
It would not be also surprising to determine Hightower's rating get boosted once the standard season comes around and he returns to kind. Ideally, he'd be somewhere in the low 90's contending with Devin McCourty for the best all-round defensive player around the Patriots.
As it relates towards the complete list of NFL ratings all through the league, Tom Brady is tied for the fourth highest ranked player at a 97 general with Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly. The only players that they are seeking up at are Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Rams pass rusher Aaron Donald and Steelers receivers Antonio Brown who are all 99 overalls.
Last season serving as the Madden cover athlete, Brady entered the year as a 99 overall, but dipped below that just a tad hovering around a 97-98 overall rating throughout the year and finishing off 2017 as a 98. 
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