Madden NFL 18 - The Top Five Kickers

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We are less than a month away from having Madden 18 in our hands and starting to show the ratings of the best players by position. For this delivery, the kickers make an appearance, it does not matter if they are Kickers or Punters.

Here the 5 best kickers of Madden 18:

5. Marquette King - Raiders - 85 OVA

The 'Black Unicorn' could not stay off the list. But beyond its festivities that will surely be in the game, King has a Kick Power of 98, in addition to a Kick Accuracy of 92. But not only that. Marquette King got an 85 in Speed, so if you want to make a fake punt, there is a lot of opportunity to succeed.

4. Bryan Anger - Buccaneers - 85 OVA

Maybe I should not be above King in terms of charisma and other statistics, but the boy is dedicated to kicking and here he has 95 in Kick Power and 96 in Kick Accuracy so you will not have any problem in getting the ball out of areas compromising.

3. Matt Bryant - Falcons - 85 OVA

At 42 years of age, Bryant remains cool as a reliable kicker and with the strength to connect 59-yard kicks yet. With 96 in the two main categories that matter in a kicker, we have an option worthy of top 3.

2. Johnmy Hekker - Rams - 86 OVA

The best punter in the game and a safe option if you feel confined or want to corner your opponent in your end zone. 97 in Kick Power and 96 in Kick Accuracy are guaranteed, if we add a good qualification to throw the ball, you have a weapon capable of deceiving your rivals.

1. Justin Tucker - Ravens - 87 OVA

A few seconds on the clock, away from the end zone and without Aaron Rodgers to make a Hail Mary, you'd better have Justin Tucker on your roster to tip the balance in your favor. The Ravens kicker has 98 in both kicker categories, so he can save your skin many times in close games.

Ratings of other wide receivers in Madden 18

  • DeAndre Hopkins - Texans 91 OVA

  • Jordy Nelson - Packers - 91 OVA

  • Mike Evans - Buccaneers - 90 OVA

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