Madden NFL 17 Defensive and Offensive Tips for Solo Challenges

MaddenStore Date: Oct/20/16 04:01:25 Views: 1907

Madden NFL 17 MUT Solo Challenges are designed for players of different skill levels. It is arguable that you can earn Madden NFL 17 MUT Coins when you complete the game. When you get the defensive and offensive strength, you can dominate your opponents in MUT mode. Here are tips for defense and offense for Solo Challenges.


Defensive Tips

1. A big&agile defender


You basically need to find a big, agile defender with poor play recognition and user-control your defense, which allows you react to opponent's plays in a much quicker fashion, provided that you know what they are doing. Apart from this, you will make better the player and save yourself some precious coins in the game.


2. Call your secondary blitz


It is important that you have a secondary blitz which you should be able to call as soon as your HB is blocked by your opponent. Remember that you should always try and getting your opponents to third and long. The reason for this is to force them to switch to passing game, essentially allowing you to blitz.


3. Stop running


When it comes to defense, the first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you stop the runs. This basically allows you to pressure your opponent and leave the offense in a really bad shape. Make sure that you maintain possession most of the time and prevent any running attempts for some quick wins.


Offensive Tips

1. Make use of your team's strengths/weaknesses


Figure out these strengths and weaknesses for both line-ups and exploit them to your gain. For example, before going for snap, try and see if you have an advantage at WR or something similar. Remember that each team in the game is different from the other ones. Make sure to take a moment to notice these little things and then alter your strategies.


2. Offensive playbooks that complements your playstyle


Since there are a ton of Offensive Playbooks in the game, you need to ask yourself question like what kind of player are you and what type of team composition you have. Once you have figured these simple things out, head into the Practice Mode and experiment with different things. Make sure to try out different formations and see what works well for you! It is also important that you do not change your Offensive Playbook more than once in any given week.


3. Chain your winning streak


It is important that you should aim for chaining your winning streak in Solo Challenges. Against AI opponents, you need to try to win as early as possible to prevent the risks of turnovers and limit possessions. As you near the end-game, try to prevent your HB from fumbling and have one with decent trucking and high carry skills.