Madden 17 Tips to Help You Dominate the Game

MaddenStore Date: Oct/31/16 04:47:49 Views: 2019

There are cool changes in Madden NFL 17, so this may add a little difficulty to the game. Here are tips to help you control the game and win.

Madden 17 Tips to Help You Dominate the Game

1. New kicking mechanism

The punt and kick mechanics are updated, too. You aim the kick using the left thumb stick, and tap the triangle, circle, or box buttons to set a kick modifier, such as Kick It Sky High or Put a Back Spin on the Ball. Push the X button once to start the meter, again to set the kick strength, and tap it one final time set the kick's accuracy. It's now possible to turn punts into weapons and bury the opposing team deep in its zone.


2. Block the kick defense system

In Madden NFL 17, the entire kick defense game has been reworked. Follow the kick-blocking skills tutorial, and add this powerful weapon to your team. Play as one of the players tagged with a "B," jump the snap with the R2 button, and put your body in front of the ball. Press the box button to dive, but don't rough the kicker. Learn this skill, young grasshopper, for it can change the outcome of a game in an instant.


3. Modify special moves

There are the standard hurdle, spin, juke, truck, and dive move, but you can modify each one by tapping R2 for a speed boost or tapping L2 to add extra precision (think of a precision move as something slow and deliberate that can really throw the defense for a loop). You can also turn on modifier assist to make the ball carrier automatically execute special moves. On the Rookie and Pro difficulty levels, a tip appears that tells you if your special move timing was early, late, or perfect.


4. Call a zone

Madden NFL 17 adds 10 new zone defenses to the playbook. AI is also improved to make defenders more effective when they drop back. More importantly, on-field graphics before the snap identify zones and defenders, so you can shift and change assignments on the fly. There are also updated swat controls for defensive backs. Call a zone, check matchups and make adjustments, let the play run, then take switch to the closest DB and take control of the ball.


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