Madden 17 Skill Trainer Makes the Game Easy

MaddenStore Date: Oct/22/16 03:06:39 Views: 2282

Madden has made the learning curve as soft as possible with its excellent (though not entirely new) Skills Trainer mode, along with a practice mode that boasts some great options that make it so useful.


Skills Trainer is an obvious starting point for those new to Madden. The feature is smartly introduced shortly after the opening Rams-Redskins sequence. Each session is broken up into two stages: the tutorial, where the control or concept is introduced, and a drill, where the newly acquired knowledge is put to the test at game speed in a realistic situation. It's teaching 101, but the structure works well, reinforcing the lesson and building the player's confidence.


Skills Trainer covers all of the usual suspects: basics such as player movement, passing, tackling and kicking. It also focuses on advanced skills like ball-carrier moves, pre-play adjustments and hot routes.


But the most impressive and surprising aspect of the feature are the tutorials focused on explaining pass coverage, run blocking and passing concepts that form the backbone of how coaches put together real-life plays and game plans.


Once a player completes the Skills Trainer sessions, there's some more practice to be had in The Gauntlet, which throws you into increasingly more difficult challenges using the skills and concepts learned through Skills Trainer. There's even some goofy challenges that are more fun than they should be, like kicking through hurricane-force winds and controlling a Honey-I-Shrunk-the-Kids-sized player to the end zone.


When you're finally comfortable with the controls and concepts Madden has to offer, standard Open Practice mode has some great options that turn it from a throwaway mode to a powerful tool to elevate your game. A small but important addition this year is the ability not just to select a random play, but drill down with any of the play-call filters available and select a random play from that subset.


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