Fastest Way To Get Madden 16 Coins

MaddenStore Date: Jan/06/16 05:03:07 Views: 2271

It's solo challenges as the online sucks here in Australia. I'm finding it hard to save up Madden 16 Coins when I get to 5000 then get itchy and head to the auction house to upgrade a position. Surely there is a faster way to get lots of coins?

madden 16 coins


My method was this, and I sold my team in October and didn't play, started back up first week of December, and was able to get 7 cards 94 ovr or higher in 2 weeks. Buying no packs.


I did some solos, and sold a few cards to get to 25k. I would stay in a legend set, and click on legends badge search in the ah, and refresh over and over, I would say 2-3 times per hour someone puts up a legend badge for 10 to 20 k, but I'd buy anything under 25 k and put it up for 32k. You get 28k after it sells, so I would do that, until I had enough for 2 badges, then 3, etc I eventually would be selling 8 badges at a time. I would do it until I had 25k more than what I needed to buy a card, usually 250-320k, then I'd buy the card and do it all over again.


I was able to snip several of the badges for under 5k, so you make over 20 k on one of them. This is agonizingly boring, but after I built up 300k in 2 days I was in. I did this for 3 weeks,


Sold all my cards and had 1,032,000 and a bunch of the cards I had, had recently lost value, I probably would have had another 150k if I did it a few days earlier. I sold that mil to a dude in Twitter for 100 bucks and bought fallout lol. Might do it again but idk, it got boring by the end.