Check Out The Top 5 Rookie QBs In Madden NFL 19

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As you know, NFL teams devote really a bit of time and money investing in quality players come Draft day. Ranging from first-round picks like Peyton Manning to steals like Tom Brady, the subsequent major QB doesn't necessarily develop from high Draft stock. Now check out the best five rookie QBs in Madden NFL 19. Additionally, our website provides cheap Mut 19 coins for game players with immediate delivery.
Madden NFL 19
NO.1 Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns - 81 OVR
Mayfield's 87 Throw Below Stress rating is the highest of the rookie signal callers by a wide margin. He's also the only rookie QB with an 80+ rating for Brief, Mid, and Deep ranges. He's among the more versatile QBs within this bunch.
NO.2 Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens - 79 OVR
Lamar Jackson might be by far the most intriguing QB to play as in Madden 19. If you sim lots of games in Franchise, he's likely not the top pick in the moment. But holy hell, his base ratings make him enjoyable. The stud athlete clocks a 91 Speed, generating him not merely the fastest QB inside the game, however the only 1 who breaks 90 in that category. He also sports a 93 Ball Carrier Vision, an 86 Spin, 89 Juke, and 94 Throw Energy. His accuracy scores (83 Short, 80 Mid, 74 Deep) can result in some wild throws, but his running scores also can bring about several simple very first downs just after escaping the pocket. Watch out for this one particular.
NO.3 Josh Rosen, Arizona Cardinals - 78 OVR
Though the initial two guys listed both fit the QB Scrambler Player Archetype, Rosen could be the only 1 inside the major 5 listed below Field Common. Should you choose a much more conventional pocket passer, Rosen is the quick pick for you personally here. When his QB base ratings are strong adequate, Rosen's Accuracy scores at 89 Brief and 85 Mid will be the greatest within the rookie class. If your playstyle follows the more regular QB models more than the far more mobile possibilities, then Rosen is your guy in the rookie class. Just don't leave the pocket.
NO.4 Sam Darnold, New York Jets - 75 OVR

Darnold was earning some Andrew Luck comparisons early inside the Draft/Combine scouting procedure. For Madden purposes, he's a balanced QB that is sufficient at most tasks it is possible to throw at him. His 90 Throw Energy isn't the strongest clearly, but his 86 Short and 82 Mid Accuracy scores allow for some reliability - but don't throw it deep. His 73 Deep rating signifies connecting on large passes are going to be uncommon, at greatest. But, his 85 Throw around the Run is second only to Mayfield's 88.
NO.5 Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills - 74 OVR
Rounding out the rookie QBs is Allen. With a 74 OVR and all Accuracy ratings below 80, he's the least forgiving QB with the group. Allen fits the Powerful Arm Player Archetype completely even though, as he sports a 99 Throw Energy. That tends to make him the strongest passer in the game, topping final season's champ, Matthew Stafford, who still carries a 98 Throw Energy himself. Allen will demand some care gameplay sensible, but he has sufficient energy to produce any throw achievable.