7 Players Of The '99 Club' Have Been Revealed In Madden 19 Ratings

MaddenStore Date: Jun/28/18 09:12:31 Views: 2743
EA Sports started their annual unveiling of player ratings for the newest edition of Madden NFL Football On Wednesday.
As has turned out to be the recent tradition, they are starting with the players who will begin the game rated a 99 overall. and the list includes not one but two quarterbacks: Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. The previously-leaked ratings had only Rodgers at 99, and Brady at 97.
Madden 19
The other 99s include Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, Broncos linebacker Von Miller, Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly, Steelers receiver Antonio Brown, and Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald.
The initial ratings really don’t mean all that much, because the ratings are subject to change, on a regular basis to reflect actual performance. The early phases of the 12-month MUT life cycle consist of players with much lower base numbers, with a broad collection of improved ratings emerging over time for current and former players, culminating in a frenzy of far-fetched 99-rated players being released in May, June, and July.
This year, there are no offensive lineman, secondary or running backs at launch, but that could change after the rating updates begin. Madden 19 releases on August 10 for PS4 and Xbox One. The HOF Edition will be available to pre-order customers on August 7 and EA Access customers can play on August 2.
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