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  • List of the Most Improved Player in Madden 17 02/21/2017
    MVP Matt Ryan was the biggest winner in "Madden" ratings throughout the season. He began with an 84 Overall rating in "Madden NFL 17," which ranked him as the 13th best quarterback in the league. By the end of the campaign, he reached 95 Overall, good enough to be considered as the third-best QB in the league. He trails only Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady.
  • How to Stop 5 Wide Sets in Madden 17 02/18/2017
    I'm in a CFM, and a couple guys like to run 5-wide sets a lot. They kill me with option routes etc. What's the best strategies for this? I run a 4-3 defense. Stay in a dime defense and keep mixing things up. Try to learn what they are doing. I would be hesitant to blitz very often because it can result in a big play.
  • Madden 17 Will be the 4th of EA Access' Free Games Vault 02/17/2017
    There have three game (Furi, The Saboteur, and Aragami) on EA Access member now, and will be add four soon, Madden 17 lucky to become the 4th of EA Access' Free Games Vault.
  • Madden 17 Totally Guide: Create a Super Bowl Champion Team 02/16/2017
    If you want to experience the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl wonderful game, or experience the championship feelings, you can follow us to build a belongs to your Super Bowl team. To achieve the pinnacle of success in the virtual football world, one must build a team with really good players and a bit of video game smarts.
  • Madden NFL 17 Valentine's Day Patch Notes Summary 02/15/2017
    Hi, Dear! What are you doing in this Valentine's Day? Is to accompany your girlfriend, or house at home to play Madden NFL 17, If you are the latter, you can take a look at the following EAs for the 10th update of Madden 17, mainly with the following points to note (Also, you can see the full patch notes here ):
  • Madden 17: Suggestions to Complete Non Playoff Upgrade Set 02/14/2017
    In this article we will introduce suggestions to help you complete non playoff upgrade set. Maybe it is not so beneficial, but these suggestions you can refer.
  • How to Make CFM in Madden 17 Fun to Play 02/09/2017
    CFM, the abbreviation of Connected Franchise Mode, what do you think of? Players reflect that it is too easy and boring that they want to make it challenging. Thus, we would like to make CFM fun to play with these suggestions.
  • Madden NFL 17 Tips for Gold Lineup 02/04/2017
    A good strat is just search a position, filter by gold then by overall. From there u can check the stats your looking for. Things to be stressed these in order. Offense: 1. Speed, 2. Catching, carrying for WRs and rbs and run block for o line. Defense: 1. Speed 2. Play Rec 3. Blockshed for d line and lbs, 4. Man and zone coverage for dbs.
  • Madden 17: The Best Payers in Your Team 01/27/2017
    Players are not only defined by their present stats. Sometimes we should take a different view at players. In your team, you must have your players that have the best performance. So we list the best players here, collecting from the community.
  • Madden 18 Wishlist: What Do You Want for Madden 18? 01/23/2017
    Before Madden 18 comes out, what do you want for Madden 18? Here we collect the gamers' wishes from the community.
  • Madden NFL 17 TOTY Offensive Players Released 01/19/2017
    Now Madden 17 TOTY offensive players are officially released and they are available in Madden Ultimate Team! Players, Sets and Packs are all live.
  • Madden 17 All-Pro vs All-Madden: Which One Will You Choose 01/17/2017
    Here we will discuss about All-Pro and All-Madden. Some indicate the All-Pro is easy, All-Madden is difficult. Players who are playing All-Pro, want to make it challenging. Players who are playing All-Madden might overcome the difficulty.
  • Madden 17 Tutorial to Increase Player XP in Training Sessions 01/14/2017
    Each week you are given an offensive and defensive game plan to utilize, so this page gives you the basic ways to maximize the player xp.
  • Madden 17 Ultimate Team: Salary Cap Tips 01/13/2017
    For those who are playing Salary Cap, there are things you need to do and general tips for your playing. And also you will know how Salary Cap works.
  • Madden 17: How to Use Slower and Deep Threat WR 01/11/2017
    Who is the best Wide Receiver you have ever used? If you come across the slower and deep threat WR, like Mike Evans, how will you deal with? Here several options you can refer.
  • Do Schemes Matter in Madden 17? 01/09/2017
    Here is the question, do you think scheme is important as there are no schemes in Madden NFL 17? Of course, different people hold different opinions. Some consider it does matters, while others think it is a waste.
  • Madden NFL 17 Tips to Beat Passing or Running Gauntlet 01/06/2017
    If you come across the problems to beat gauntlet, then here are some tips to help you beat passing and running gauntlet.
  • Madden NFL 17 TOTY Predictions 01/04/2017
    Today we will give out Team of the Year prediction. So who do you think will be featured in TOTY? Who gets excellent performance?
  • Madden NFL 17: Who Do You Think Will be January Gauntlet 01/02/2017
    Gauntlet is a brand new mode added to Madden series, which is a 40-level series of challenges. So who do you think will be January Gauntlet. This page list several candidates from gamers' opinion.
  • Madden NFL Mobile: Positional Heroes Predictions 12/29/2016
    Positional Heroes are essentially 99-rated players that have their own sets to get these end-of-the-season cards. Today we will give out the PH (Positional Heroes) predictions. Who do you think will be featured?
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