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  • Madden 17 Coins Christmas & New Year Promotion Details: 6% Coupon 12/12/2016
    In order to celebrate Christmas and New Year's holidays, so that MADDEN fans can better and more fun experience the game, we decided to make all platforms madden 17 coins gives 6% discount. details as follows:
  • Madden 17 Franchise Mode Trading Tips 12/12/2016
    Maybe you don't want to sell players, but trading can still be a necessary part of the game. So tips are here for you to how to trade in Madden 17 franchise mode.
  • How to Win in Madden 17 12/09/2016
    Madden 17 has been out for several months. If you have been playing Madden for winning, then here are tips to help you win and become one of the best Madden players.
  • Madden NFL 17 Best Offensive and Defensive Playbooks 12/07/2016
    Both Defense and offense are important in the game. Many game players must care about the formations and plays, which players to choose, and what kind of playbooks may fit for you.
  • Madden NFL 17 Companion App is out 12/05/2016
    The Madden 17 companion app is out. The app is about 59.6 MB, which requires you need an EA account to use for PS4 or Xbox One. And for iphone, iOS 8.0 or later is required.
  • Madden 17 Title Update 7 Revealed with Details 12/01/2016
    EA has revealed update 7 on twitter. From now, PS4 and Xbox One players can download this update. This update will bring changes to gameplay, MUT and commentary.
  • Madden Mobile Trade Guide: How to Post Card 11/30/2016
    We have met many times that our customer do NOT know how to post a madden mobile player card. Here is this, we deliberately write such a guide. In order to better and faster trading of your madden mobile coins, please look carefully. Come and Follow!
  • Madden NFL 17: What Draft Stories Affect 11/29/2016
    Draft Stories are regarded within News section of Franchise under the League heading in the main screen. Draft stories could happen during the certain dates, and also the draft stories might affect some things.
  • The Importance of Hit Power in Madden 17 11/26/2016
    Hit power (hp) is mainly for linebackers and safeties. But some players may not know how important is it? This article will talk about the important of the hp in Madden 17.
  • NFL 17 Tips for Developing Players 11/24/2016
    If you are new to CFM, what you care most maybe how to develop players in an efficient way, how to get xp, and how to spend. Tips are right here to instruct how to develop players.
  • Madden-Store Black Friday Promotion Details: 5% OFF 11/23/2016
    The annual Black Friday comes! For this year's Black Friday, we decided to offer a 5% coupon code for all products. You can get 5% discount at checkout with the code "BF2016".
  • Madden 17 Franchise: What Settings Change before You Start 11/22/2016
    What setting are a must change before you start the Madden 17 franchise mode? Sliders, 30 team control or something else? Settings changes can make your game experience better.
  • What's Your Defensive Scheme in Madden 17? 11/15/2016
    Each playbook has it's own set of plays and formations designed to attack certain parts of the defense. As for the defensive part, do you figure out the difference between 4-3 and 3-4, and what defensive scheme you would like to use?
  • What Improvements Madden 17's AI Needs 11/11/2016
    Although this year improvements with Madden 17 are rolling out, also AI has been improved a lot, developments for AI still exist. In this page, improvements that Madden 17's AI needs are given out from game players.
  • Madden 17 Tips to Make Use of Connected Franchise 11/02/2016
    EA have brought a lot of new features for Madden NFL 17 Connected Franchise Mode (CFM). The new features for the CFM allow you encounter the more real experience. If you are new to this mode, here are tips to let you make use of it.
  • Madden 17 Tips to Help You Dominate the Game 10/31/2016
    There are cool changes in Madden NFL 17, so this may add a little difficulty to the game. Here are tips to help you control the game and win.
  • Madden 17 Redemption Set Guide 10/28/2016
    Redemption is one of MUT's exclusive Sets and contains 17 Sub-Sets that require MUT Tips or Loyalty Badges.
  • Madden 17 Update 1.06 Patch for PS4 and Xbox One 10/26/2016
    Now the update patch 1.06 is available for PS4 and Xbox One. EA has revealed the update via facebook. According to EA Sports, the tuning update brings several improvements in MUT (Madden Ultimate Team).
  • Halloween BIG Promotions - Up to 15% Discount 10/24/2016
    To celebrate our 2016 Halloween, we're having a special discounted promotion on all products. Follow the step, join us for a Big Halloween Weekend, you'll get up to 15% coupon discount code.
  • Madden 17 Flashbacks Set Guide for Ultimate Team 10/24/2016
    Ultimate Team is the big game mode of Madden 17, consisting of Solo Challenges and the team building aspect. Set is one of the big part of Ultimate Team. In this article, a valuable flashback set guide is given to you.
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