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  • Experience Madden 18 In 4K HDR On Xbox One X 11/08/2017
    "Xbox One X has officially launched," Xbox official social media announced, "Who's ready for the world’s most powerful console?" It means that Madden NFL 18 can be play on the powerful console according to the latest patch of the game.
  • Madden 18 - NFL Is Flying The Egg Again 11/07/2017
    For several weeks the US sports league NFL is flying the egg again. While the American football professionals chase after the next touchdown on the field, fans can simultaneously prove their skills at the console at 'Madden NFL 18'.
  • Madden Mobile New Cup On The AH 2017.11.5 New! 11/06/2017
    Pls sell Elite Collectibles if you order more than 10,000k, we will compensate 500k more for that.(It is already added in the items’ name)
  • Madden 18 Available On Xbox One X With New Patch 1.06 11/04/2017
    EA Sports released a new patch for Madden NFL 18 game. The game is available on Xbox One X and brings many enhancements with the 4K Ultra HD football Xbox gaming experience in the first time.
  • EA Gives Fans The Deepest Experience Of Madden NFL 18 11/03/2017
    Electronic Arts has released Madden NFL 18, giving fans the deepest experience of Madden NFL 18 than any other edition in the history of the franchise.
  • Madden NFL Is One Of The Most Successful Video Game Series Ever 11/02/2017
    Video games are now the cult medium and have long since arrived in the middle of society. People from all walks of life regularly consume a variety of games, like Madden NFL.
  • Madden 18: The Madden Challenger Event In Mexico 11/01/2017
    Are you looking to measure yourself and test your skills in Madden 18 against the best players in Mexico? The Madden Challenger is the perfect event to know the limit of your abilities and, in passing, to be able to win the chance to measure yourself with the best gamers of the planet in a world tournament.
  • Back On The Virtual Field In Madden NFL 18 10/31/2017
    If there is a reliable constant in the video game market, then this is EA Sports. Year after year, the economically most important sports are provided with new digital counterparts.
  • Madden 18: The Different Roles Players Can Take In MUT Squads 10/30/2017
    MUT in Madden 18 is pretty much the same from the past games with players completing challenges for in-game currency and experience to open up digital cards to fill out their team with past and current players.
  • The Madden eSport Boom From The USA - Madden NFL 18 10/28/2017
    What is FIFA in Europe is Madden in North America. The video game for American folk sports is very popular. With the help of the NFL, EA SPORTS wants to continue to distribute Madden eSport. Is Germany next?
  • Choose Madden 18 Skill Levels Between Three Playstyles 10/27/2017
    EA Sports has brought Madden 18 to the next level of gaming graphics by jumping to the Frostbite Engine. Stadiums, lighting, the crowds and players look photorealistic and it really brings this Madden to a new era.
  • Four Different Methods To Earn Madden 18 Coins In MUT 10/26/2017
    Madden NFL 18 is now available in stores and offers fans the most extensive football experience for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. In the new part of the series, the players can use the ultra-modern Frostbite engine for the first time in the history of Madden NFL.
  • Madden NFL 18 Delivers An Experience Like Never Before 10/25/2017
    The latest NFL franchise Madden NFL 18 delivers an experience like never before. Madden NFL 18 changes category and gets graphics that make it the most beautiful Madden to date thanks to the power of the Frostbite engine.
  • Madden NFL 18 Is A Real Narrative Campaign 10/24/2017
    The Madden Series celebrates its 30th anniversary next year and has undergone many changes over time. You might think that the series has arrived at a point where you just can not add any updates because everything has already been done.
  • Skimbo Wins The Champ Of 2018 Madden Championship Series 10/23/2017
    Madden Classic is a second of the action of Madden NFL series as some of the best Madden NFL 18 players battle it out for big money and gaming supremacy.
  • Enjoy The Global Free Trial Event In Madden 18 This Weekend 10/20/2017
    Electronic Arts has confirmed that from this Thursday, October 19th at 9:00 p.m. PDT (do not forget to check your local schedule) and until Sunday October 22 at 11:59 p.m. PDT, you can enjoy the best game of the NFL developed to date during the global free trial event.
  • Madden NFL 18: First Week Sold In 938,065 Copies 10/19/2017
    The Electronic Arts gaming company Madden NFL 18 was sold in 938,065 copies of the first week. Madden NFL 18 came in the market on August 25 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.
  • Get Madden NFL 18 On Sale For 33% Off Through October 17 10/19/2017
    These days, EA Sports revealed that there is a big offer for Madden 18. From October 17 to 23, gamers who want to buy Madden 18 Standard and G.O.A.T version can get their copy in Xbox Store and PlayStation Store with 33% off.
  • Top 20: The Best Seahawks Players In Madden NFL 18 10/18/2017
    In the NFC West, no way leads past the Seattle Seahawks. The Superbowl champion of 2014 and 2015 is one of the strongest teams in Madden NFL 18. We will show you in this post what players are especially outstanding.
  • Madden Classic - The First Major In 2018 Madden Championship Series 10/17/2017
    It's time for the first major in the 2018 Madden Championship Series - the Madden Classic. "Through ranked Online Ladders and Eliminations to Challenger Events, the Live Finals for the 2018 Madden Classic are nearly upon us."
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