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  • New Legends for MUT 16 01/23/2016
    During the Playoff Season our Legend Program turns to recognize amazing performances in the Playoffs! The Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) Legends program commemorates the outstanding careers of some of the NFL’s greatest athletes.
  • FeedBack On From NFL Fans 01/17/2016
    Thank you for your support and trust, and if you have any questions, please feel free to consult. Following are feedback from some Madden 16 fans.
  • Madden NFL 16: Moving A TE To FB 01/14/2016
    I know you CAN do it in the game, but has anyone had success in doing it? I like the idea of a solid balanced TE being able to open holes for the RB and catch out of the back field. Hell in split back, send him for a wheel route or something. Anyone try something like this?
  • Do You Remember When Madden Implemented Career Mode 01/08/2016
    Madden 08 had all that stuff too, but I have to say that we may be prone to romanticize it a bit. It was really just a drag to keep generating parents untill you had to hall of fame athletes. Then you had to just take the (pretty dumb) Wonderlic a couple of times untill you had the best possible score. Than generate the draft untill you were picked as high as possible and by a team you liked (like I would ever play for the Cowblys, lol madden) about ten times.
  • Madden NFL 16 Guide: Players Positions 01/07/2016
    In Madden NFL 16, if you don’t know about the player positioning, you won’t be able to play against any team, you must know about the Offense, Defense and Special positions. Below you will know the detail guide of all the Offense, Defense and Special positions in the field.
  • How to Create Ezekiel Elliott In Madden NFL 16 01/07/2016
    Learn how to create Ezekiel Elliott from the Ohio State University in Madden NFL 16! Find out Ezekiel’s ratings, equipment, and player info to use in Madden.
  • The Worst NFL Trades 01/06/2016
    It would be nice if every Madden 16 Ultimate Team managed to benefit equally when they opted to make a deal, but that is completely unrealistic. Although there are occasions when trades work out for everyone, oftentimes, like the game itself, there are winners and there are losers. With that in mind, here are the 7 worst NFL trades ever.
  • Fastest Way To Get Madden 16 Coins 01/06/2016
    It's solo challenges as the online sucks here in Australia. I'm finding it hard to save up Madden 16 Coins when I get to 5000 then get itchy and head to the auction house to upgrade a position. Surely there is a faster way to get lots of coins?
  • Madden NFL 16 Win Sixth Annual Glitchie Awards 01/04/2016
    Game Informer's Sixth Annual Glitchie Awards have been released, and Madden NFL 16 Win Public Display of Affection Awards. Considering the deluge of open world games that came out in 2015, we had no shortage of glitches to comb through to find the best of the best.
  • Underrated Players In Madden 16 01/04/2016
    How to built powerful team with less Madden Coins? It's a good way to use sleeper players. You may not be familiar with these players who's ability far exceed the same-value companion. Following are my personal experience in madden 16. Try!
  • Enjoy Discount On Now 01/01/2016
    Enjoy up to 5% discount for Madden 16 Coins PS4 and Madden 16 Coins Xbox One online now! is the best NFL Coins store for Madden 16 coins and accounts for PS4, PS3, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, Android and IOS mobile platform. More Informations click here.
  • Maddden 16: Wish List for 2016 01/01/2016
    I'm so happy to thought we could post what we want EA to fix in 2016. My personal favorite is that fix the coin glitch in the auction house where I have to back out after every bid to get my coins back. Oh, god! How about you?
  • Madden 05 & Madden 07 01/02/2016
    I'm playing Madden 07 right now on the ps2 and i just love the franchise mode. The minor details are so nice. Anyone else play old gen madden? Following are views from madden fans.
  • Madden 16: Do You Love New Madden 12/31/2015
    Huge madden fan here I love the new mechanics/Draft champions/etc. but what needs work are the solo challenges. I have been cruising through them easily and then they make it unnecessarily hard by having your guys drop every other pass and fumble constantly.
  • How To Playmaker A Wide Receiver In Madden16 12/30/2015 always provide all kinds of Madden NFL 16 tips for you. Today, let's learn how to Playmaker your receiver controlling the WR while you are playing as the QB.
  • Madden 16: Strategy For Developing Tebow 12/30/2015
    Tebow is one of my all time favorite college players and I'm excited he's back in Madden. I've been playing Madden16 for Xmas.
  • Share The Favorite Moments In Madden 16 12/30/2015
    Today, I just wanted to share and hear about some favorite moments playing madden 16 connected franchise mode, don't know about any of you but I really get into it.
  • How To Choose Defense In MUT 16 12/26/2015
    On defense, most Madden 16 gamers usually wait until the offense chooses a play so that it shows their personnel. They understand that they should choose the Nickel or Dime formation for example when the offense comes out with 3 receivers. But the question is how to go about choosing a specific play under those formations? Just choose a random one and hope it stops the offense?
  • Week 15: Madden 16 Roster Update 12/26/2015
    The latest Madden 16 roster update is here today from EA Sports, and that means new ratings changes! There are two notable changes this week. First up is David Johnson, running back for the Arizona Cardinals. He’ll be seeing a boost of +3 for a total of 77 OVR thanks to 187 rushing yards, three touchdowns, and four passes for 42 yards in a 40-17 victory over Philadelphia.
  • Madden Ultimate Team: Beginner's Guide 12/25/2015
    When you log into Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) for the very first time, there are a few key things you’ll need to know in order to start off on the right foot. Luckily, ESPN personality Trey Wingo is there to guide you step by step.
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