Week 9: Top 20 Fantasy QBs In Madden NFL 16

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Andrew Luck against the best defense in football has instilled no confidence in me.  Halfway through the 3rd quarter last week vs. Carolina, Luck had negative points.  Luck scoring under 10 points this week would be no surprise.  So, please, enjoy Top 20 Fantasy QBs.

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1.  Tom Brady (NE) vs. Washington Redskins

MVP are the three letters I’d use to describe Tom Brady.  An unquestionable fantasy starter ever week.  He has a great match up against the Washington Redskins, a defense who has surrendered at least 250 pass yards and 2 pass TDs in each of its last two games.  Expect an early Thanksgiving for Tom Brady.


2.  Philip Rivers (SD) vs. Chicago Bears

Even with the recent loss of WR Keenan Allen, I’m still confident in Philip Rivers against a Bears defense that gives up 18 ppg to QBs so far this season.  On the road, they’re even worse, averaging 20 ppg allowed to QBs.  Rivers is a must-start.


3.  Drew Brees (NO) vs. Tennessee Titans

Drew Brees had a game for the ages last Sunday, where he threw for 7 TDs to tie an NFL record.  Vintage Brees.  I’m certainly not predicting another 40+ point performance by the QB, but at least 24 points is reasonable.  Brees has been on a roll, not just the last game, but the past three games with 9 TDs – 3 INTs.  A must start, like always.


4.  Aaron Rodgers (GB) @ Carolina Panthers

The Denver Broncos defense had their way with Aaron Rodgers, limiting him to just 77 yards passing and his first single-digit performance of the year.  Still, he’s 7th in QB scoring this year, and will bounce back tremendously against the Panthers, who allowed 14 points to Andrew Luck in the sloppy, wet Monday Night game.


5.  Matt Ryan (ATL) @ San Francisco 49ers

Matt Ryan has a favorable match up this week against the T-4th worst pass defense in the San Francisco 49ers.  I expect Ryan to bounce back, and blow out the 49ers with a multiple TD performance.  Also, with QB Blaine Gabbert now the starter in SanFran, expect the Time of Possession to be in favor of the Falcons.


6.  Andy Dalton (CIN) vs. Cleveland Browns

Andy Dalton has a great match up, at home, against division opponent Cleveland Browns.  The Browns surrender the 10th most ppg to QBs (17.6 ppg) and were just torched last week allowing over 350 yards and 4 TDs through the air.  Expect a 22-point outing for the Red Rifle.


7.  Cam Newton (CAR) vs. Green Bay Packers

Cam Newton had a decent game last Monday night, scoring 17 points.  It was the 4th time this season that he had double-digit rush attempts.  This match up is particularly favorable because the Packers have allowed QBs to rush for a total of 201 yards.  In every game this season, Newton has rushed for at least 30 yards in 6 of his 7 games, not to mention he has thrown a TD in every game this season.


8.  Derek Carr (OAK) @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Its hard coming to terms that an Oakland Raiders QB is fantasy starter finally.  Its been a long time coming.  Last week, Carr wasn’t ranked on this list, but after torching Darrelle Revis and the Jets’ secondary for 333 yards, 4 TDs and 0 INTs last Sunday he deserved it.  The only thing is, is that this isn’t just a one-game thing.  Carr has been performing like this all season (15 TDs – 3 INTs) and will continue to against an average Steelers defense (15.6 ppg to QBs).


9.  Eli Manning (NYG) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Along with Drew Brees, Eli Manning had a game of his own throwing for 6 TDs – 0 INTs in the 49-52 loss on Sunday.  In the two weeks before, Manning posted a 6 and 8 point game, respectively.  Being wildly inconsistent has drove me, and many of you, crazy this season.  Facing a Tampa Bay defense that allows the 3rd most ppg to QBs (19.7 ppg), he should be able to hit that mark this week.  Expect at least 19 points this week.


10.  Jay Cutler (CHI) @ San Diego Chargers

With RB Matt Forte lost to injury, the pressure is on Jay Cutler to lead his team to victory.  He has the weapons (Jeffery, Bennett, Royal) and he will use them to their full potential this Monday Night.  The San Diego Chargers have allowed at least 19 point to QBs in 4 of their last 5 games.  The Chargers are falling apart, losing 4 straight games.  With virtually no run-game between the two teams, it’ll be a shootout in San Diego, which is Cutler’s specialty.


11.  Ryan Tannehill (MIA) @ Buffalo Bills

Yes, Ryan Tannehill and the Miami Dolphins looked like garbage on Thursday night against the Patriots in Foxborough.  Keep in mind, Tannehill topped the 300-yard mark for the second time this season last week.  Tannehill is facing the Bills, a team that has allowed an average of 17 ppg to QBs in their last two games, and 17.3 ppg throughout the year.  I still believe Interim Head Coach Dan Campbell is capable of maximizing this offense’s full potential, and let Tannehill sling it on Sunday.  Expect Tannehill to take what the defense will give him: 17 points.


12.  Ryan Fitzpatrick (NYJ) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

With Fitzpatrick recent thumb injury, this play is purely match up based.  The Jaguars have allowed the 7th most points to QBs (17.9 ppg) this season, and have allowed at least one TD through the air in each game.  Fitzpatrick impressed enough throughout the season that I’d start him this week with confidence (if I wasn’t already starting Eli Manning).


13.  Kirk Cousins (WAS) @ New England Patriots

Cousins put up a spectacular performance in Week 7, scoring 29 points.  Ranking him at 13th this week, I think that he can perform well enough as your QB if your QB1 is on BYE.  Cousins has been spotty and inconsistent with his scoring, but a 15-point performance is completely realistic for the veteran.  So.. do you like that?


14.  Blake Bortles (JAX) @ New York Jets

Seeing Derek Carr light up the Jets’ secondary has restored my faith in Bortles this week.  Although I think Derek Carr is the better QB than Bortles, the latter will also have a decent game against this Jets secondary.  Bortles is a gunslinger, like Carr, but a more inconsistent one at that.  He’s putting up decent numbers this season (15 TDs – 8 INTs), and on the road has been more than decent (20.3 ppg).  Play Bortles with confidence this week.


15.  Tyrod Taylor (BUF) vs. Miami Dolphins

It was tough deciding where to rank Tyrod Taylor this week, for he hasn’t played since Week 5.  However, he was playing like a top-5 fantasy QB before his injury, but I’m just not convinced that he can bounce back just yet.  It is risky to play Taylor this week, just because his mobility is in question.  If he is able to move like he could in past weeks, he could resume his reign as a top-5 QB.


16.  Jameis Winston (TB) vs. New York Giants

Unranked last week, Jameis Winston had yet to convince me that he is a solid fantasy starter.  After knocking off the Atlanta Falcons on the road, he has now convinced me.  The best part of Winston’s play is that he hasn’t thrown an interception since Week 4, and hasn’t fumbled since Week 2.  He’s starting to make better decisions as a QB, and its showing.  In fantasy terms, Winston has scored double-digit points in every game this season.  Even Aaron Rodgers hasn’t accomplished that feat.  On the other hand, the New York Giants just surrendered 7 pass TDs to Drew Brees last week, so Winston is a fun play in a 12+ team league.


17.  Peyton Manning (DEN) @ Indianapolis Colts

I don’t think Peyton Manning enjoys throwing TDs anymore.  Yes, the undefeated Broncos beat the once-undefeated Packers is convincing form last Sunday night, but Manning failed to throw a TD in that game.  In fact, he’s only thrown 1 TD and 6 INTs in the last 3 games.  Not-so convincing, eh?  I think the Broncos could run for over 300 yards against the Colts, but as for Manning?  I’m predicting a game similar to the last one.


18.  Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) vs. Oakland Raiders

Big Ben did not look like the same Roethlisberger we’re used to seeing.  With his latest MCL injury, it has obviously limited his mobility.  Easily taken down by defenders – uncharacteristic of Roethlisberger – Big Ben will have a hard time against Khalil Mack (4 sacks) and the Raiders defense who love to blitz.  I know you’ve been saving him on your bench all season, but I wouldn’t advise starting Roethlisberger this Sunday.


19.  Teddy Bridgewater (MIN) vs. St. Louis Rams

Not a recommended start, but Teddy Bridgewater is starting to get the ball rolling.  Averaging 14.5 ppg in the last two games, he’s gaining momentum in the pass game.  Still, he’s facing a tough Rams defense that allows the 2nd-least points to QBs (11.4 ppg).  Steer clear, if possible.


20.  Matt Cassel (DAL) vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Yep, I’ve done it.  Matt Cassel.  Heck, what’s an NFL season without a back up Cowboys QB making a top-20 fantasy QBs list.  The Eagles allow the 7th least points to QBs (14 ppg) and Cassel has averaged 7 points in his last two starts.  If you’re looking this deep into QBs, you can have more confidence in starting Cassel, than you can starting Andrew Luck, whom I left out of this list.