Use Lineups to Complete Journey IV for Aqib Talib in MUT 16

MaddenStore Date: Apr/27/16 13:21:04 Views: 1818

Journey IV is finally here in Madden Ultimate Team; however, there is a twist! In order to complete Journey IV you will need to use lineups that meet specific Salary Caps. Here are the details:




Solos: There are a total of 60 solo challenges that need to be played. Each solo series is broken down into categories that are based on salary cap. For example, the Shuffle Play series consists of 10 games that need to be played using a team with a Salary Cap of 900


Rewards: For completing solos you will get rewards. Rewards range from coins, salary cap badge items, journey ticket packs and silver/gold/elite player packs.

Final Reward: Once you complete Journey IV, you will receive a 96 OVR Aqib Talib. 


With the recent launch of Salary Cap Ranked Beta, EA has decided to take a very different approach when it comes to completing Journey IV. Instead of making each tier of solos artificially difficult, EA has decided to put the challenge into your hands. It won't be easy, but with the right lineups, you can complete Journey IV to unlock Aqib Talib. Talib is a 96 OVR with solid coverage ratings across the board with makes him viable in any MUT lineup.