Upgrades Madden 17 Fans Want to See

MaddenStore Date: May/08/16 23:51:31 Views: 1833

Madden NFL 17 fans are waiting for EA Sports to announce a release date for PS4 and Xbox One, which usually debuts around August. EA Sports will probably reveal details and showcase a trailer of the upcoming game in June if not sooner, according to Gottabemobile.com. Though EA will not be present at E3 2016, the company is hosting a three-day event at Club Nokia on June 12 through June 14, and has a press conference planned for Sunday June 12 at 1PM PT. That's when the publishers may finally reveal more about Madden 17.




While fans of Madden NFL 17 may be super excited for the new game, Forbes says with EA Sports acquiring the exclusive rights to publish NFL video games in 2005 the quality of Madden has suffered over the years. There are lot of improvements that players will love to see in the upcoming version besides fixing several issues of Madden 16.


Here's all Upgrades that Madden 17 fans would want to see:


1.Fix the spectacular catch –  The famous and twisting one-handed catch by Odell Beckham Jr. of the New York Giants was incorporated in Madden 16, but the catch is too easy to complete and far too common. The prevalence of the "Beckham catch" and the fact that nearly every receiver could easily complete passes in traffic to a leaping target is rather unrealistic.


Players shouldn't feel like throwing the ball up to the receiver is always the best option so the "aggressive catch" option needs to be turned down just a bit to maintain and match the rest of the game's authenticity.


2.Realistic weather gameplay – In Madden 16, the change in weather has little to no effect to the game play. Playing in the snow is no different from playing on a perfect sunny day. As Bleacher Report puts it in games with high wind, passes should be affected rather than just kicks and when it's snowing or raining, there should be more drops and fumbles. In games where the temperature is high, fatigue should be more common. Incorporating these elements and having the commentary team speak about it would offer a much-needed dose of realism to the game play.


3.Passing system improvement – While Madden's overall passing system has improved there still is room for more. Most passes still are either caught or dropped by a receiver (butter fingers or jarred loose), or batted down or intercepted by a defender. In the real NFL, a good number of passes hit the ground because they are simply over or underthrown. The pass may be thrown behind or in front of the receiver and the ball hits the ground without any player on the field touching it. This is something still mostly missing from Madden game play so accuracy needs to be turned down a bit for realistic game like NFL.


4.Omission doesn't equal realism – The classic debate in the competitive Madden community is "simulation" versus "arcade". Sim proponents argue that the game should mimic real-life NFL football as closely as possible, while arcade fans say the videogame should always prioritize fun over realism.


The game needs to strike a much needed balance in this regard, but in Madden 16, EA chooses to take away the ability to change your receiver's routes when running a screen pass. Forbes said in past years, a popular tactic was to use a crossing route as a backup plan in a screenplay. If your screen was covered, the crossing route would run into the screen blockers and essentially become a second screen receiver. Sim fans complained that this was somehow cheating, even though it could easily be countered with the tools the game gave you. How is it "realistic" to run a screen play without a second receiving option? Limiting strategy like this is completely ridiculous, and takes away from depth needed to become a top eSports title.


5.Avoid unnecessary mistakes – Forbes further adds that with Madden development cycle forced into the one-year window by NFL seaso, the creative staff needs to avoid some unnecessary mistakes. Though EA Sports adds a lot of new features every year they forgot to put a squib kickoff in the game. The squib kick, a vital part of football strategy and something that's been in Madden since the Super Nintendo days, is just not there.