Underrated Players In Madden 16

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How to built powerful team with less Madden Coins? It's a good way to use sleeper players. You may not be familiar with these players who's ability far exceed the same-value companion. Following are my personal experience in madden 16. Try! 

Underrated Players


WR Cody Latimer (DEN) 6'2" 215lbs

  • Age 23
  • 90 SPD, 91 ACC, 88 AGI, 88 RLS, 88 CIT, 88 CTH
  • Great WR with starter-level hands, whose OVR is brought down by poor RTE and AWR ratings. A very good potential option for teams depleted at the receiver position.


WR Tre McBride (TEN) 6'0" 210lbs

  • Age 22
  • 92 SPD, 94 ACC, 88 AGI, 80 RLS, 86 CTH, 85 BCV
  • Young project WR with good hands and RAC ability, who can develop into a a real playmaker after one or two seasons. He usually ends up getting cut by the Titans, so it shouldn't be exceptionally difficult to pick him up.


WR Stefon Diggs (MIN) 6'0" 195lbs

  • Age 21
  • 90 SPD, 92 ACC, 93 AGI, 88 ELU, 84 BCV, 95 JKM
  • Stellar athlete with fantastic RAC and Kick Return ability. Given his combination of running ability and speed, Diggs makes a fantastic HB. As an additional bonus, his 86 CTH makes him a huge receiving threat out of the backfield.


LOLB Lorenzo Mauldin (NYJ) 6'4 259lbs

  • Age 23
  • 77 SPD, 85 ACC, 83 FMV, 85 PUR, 81 POW
  • Versatile pass rusher who can work in a number of different schemes. He can wreak havoc in the backfield with his acceleration and pursuit, and 83 FMV gives him pass rushing ability. Can have success as both a 4-3 DE and a 3-4 OLB.


FB Matthew Tucker (PHI) 6'1" 227lbs

  • Age 23
  • 86 SPD, 91 ACC, 88 SFA, 85 TRK, 82 CAR, 93 INJ
  • Durable north-south runner who can really cause some damage when running between the tackles. Switching him to HB is your best option, as he has the acceleration to get into the second level, but lacks the the blocking and catching ability of a true FB.


MLB Avery Williamson (TEN) 6'1" 238lbs

  • Age 23
  • 83 SPD, 89 ACC, 89 TKL, 86 PUR, 82 POW, 84 BKS, 70 ZCV
  • Traditional run-stuffing linebacker with a high ceiling. Has the acceleration and tackling ability to shoot gaps and stop runners at the line. High pursuit makes him strong at containing edge runs. Also decent in coverage, but with much room for improvement.


CB Corey White (DAL) 6'1" 205lbs

  • Age 24
  • 91 SPD, 88 ACC, 80 POW, 75 MCV, 79 ZCV
  • Slightly older, but still develop-able defensive back. Has decent coverage ability and above average hit power. Good speed and size. Best fit as a coverage safety, but needs work on poor tackling and block shedding.


Those are the guys I personally tend to look for when building a new franchise depending which teams I select. What about you? Share yours!