Top 3 Madden NFL 16 Uniforms

MaddenStore Date: Dec/07/15 09:59:17 Views: 3718

The NFL season has finally begun, and by now, all the Madden junkies have had ample time to gobble up the game. Now let's discuss what really matters: Uniforms. 


So in order to break up the tension a bit, here is a light-hearted, please-don’t-take-this-too-personally-or-seriously look at the three best uniforms in Madden 16.


Arizona Cardinals - Official Alternate

NFL 16 Uniforms


Maybe it’s the simplicity. Maybe it’s the intimidation factor. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about an all-black uniform that strikes me. Primary black with secondary colors red and white play nice together here, with nothing feeling out of place or unwanted. The standard helmet works well here with the all-black uniform, with the Cardinal itself adding a nice touch of red. Nicely done, Arizona.


St. Louis Rams - Official Alternate Classic

NFL 16 Uniforms


Are you kidding me? Where do I sign up? The thought of being able to one day wear this jersey is almost enough to get me to try and walk-on to an NFL team one day. Yellow pants have no business working in any circumstance. And they barely get a passing grade here, but for some reason, it works well with this particular shade of blue. And that helmet? Come on! That might be my favorite helmet in the entire game. Big thumbs up here, St. Louis. Perhaps one day you’ll once again field a team that lives up to the greatness of these jerseys.


Baltimore Ravens - Official Alternate

NFL 16 Uniforms


I suppose I’m showing my hand here a bit, because this uniform does follow the same pattern as the Cardinals’ official alternate uniform. But Baltimore took things a step further with the all-black theme. Aside from the white numbers, black is really the only color you see. And much like Arizona’s, the Ravens’ logo blends well with the colors in this uniform. Purple and black is a great color combination in any context, but in football? Even better.