The Leaked Madden NFL 19 May Not Appear In PC

MaddenStore Date: Apr/03/18 11:10:32 Views: 2498

It is said the insider of Nintendo Switch has leaked Madden NFL 19 on the console of the great N.

Although we don't have any idea when the new Madden NFL title come out, it's a sure thing that fans may won't see it on PC. The last Madden to appear on PC was Madden 08, which was quite some time ago. Given the popularity of the sport and the number of PCs out there, it's surprising that the franchise has been AWOL on the platform.

The general managers at EA Tiburon Bilbey has thought while PC is literally based on demand, there's less high demand for Madden on the PC globally, but if that changes and an opportunity presents itself, they would definitely leverage the opportunity.

So, there are some Madden players hoping that can happen in Madden NFL 19, "Just woundered if I'm the only one that wants a Madden game on PC? Anyone one else here on steam would buy this game if they actually made it on PC or is it one of those games that should remain on consoles?"