The First 10 Picks in Madden 16 NFL Mock Draft

MaddenStore Date: Apr/29/16 23:05:31 Views: 1865

Football fans love to play GM, and a great place to scratch the GM itch is the Madden franchise. Here's a look at what the first 10 picks in the 2016 NFL Draft might look like if the draft took place in the Madden universe.




Pick 1 - Los Angeles Rams - QB Jared Goff

Many have argued the Rams overpaid, perhaps severely, in order to secure the top pick, particularly in what is viewed as a weak QB draft. But what's done is done and this is where we are, so Goff is the obvious choice here. It doesn't always turn out so great for rookie quarterbacks, but Goff is a clear improvement at a position where the Rams badly need an upgrade.


Pick 2 - Philadelphia Eagles – QB Carson Wentz

If you were someone who laughed at how much the Rams gave up to get the first pick in the draft, then you are probably still doubled over at home laughing at what the Eagles surrendered. It's tempting to go another route here on the virtual gridiron given that it isn't immediately clear how effective Wentz will be right out the gate, but what is immediately clear is that Sam Bradford is not very good. Wentz makes the most sense here.


Pick 3 - San Diego Chargers – CB Jalen Ramsey

Ramsey should help lift up a defense that gave up over 40 touchdowns last year. While some believe his hype is a little overblown, others see comparisons to Richard Sherman. With such an obvious need for help on the defensive side of the field, the Chargers would be smart to select Ramsey.


Pick 4 - Dallas Cowboys – RB Ezekiel Elliott

There's a legitimate question as to whether this pick makes the most football sense, but in the Madden universe, Elliott would be perfect for the Cowboys. He's an elite rusher who can also give Romo some much needed help with his catching and blocking abilities. He'd also help continue the trend of making the Cowboys a much more fun virtual team than they are in reality.


Pick 5 - Jacksonville Jaguars – DE Joey Bosa

The Jags need a lot of help in several different areas, but their greatest need is perhaps on defense. You won't find Bosa at the top of anyone's draft board, but he's universally regarded as a safe pick who can help a defense out in several different ways. He'd be a great addition in Jacksonville.


Pick 6 - Baltimore Ravens – OT Laremy Tunsil

A shaky injury and suspension history has cooled a lot of the hype on Tunsil. There's still a chance someone grabs him before Baltimore, but if not, he'd be a great fit in Baltimore. Besides, it's not like he can get suspended here, so why not go for it?


Pick 7 - San Francisco 49ers – LB Myles Jack

Injuries are scaring a lot of teams off of Jack, but that's far less of a concern in the Madden universe, which is why the Niners grab him at #7. His upside is too high to let him slip any further, and he'd fit in nicely with the current Niners roster.


Pick 8 - Cleveland Browns – DE DeForest Buckner

Buckner is a versatile defender who can fill many roles, but his best fit is a 3-4 defense, so he'd be a great fit in Cleveland. It's unclear, however, if the Buckner addition would help enough for Browns fans to forget about the loss of Johnny Football -- he just meant soooo much to that franchise.


Pick 9 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers – CB Vernon Hargreaves

The Bucs have a hole to fill at cornerback. Some teams are concerned about Hargreaves' lack of size, but he would still provide a clear upgrade to the Bucs' defense at the corner position.


Pick 10 - New York Giants – OT Ronnie Stanley

With Tunsil already off the board, Stanley is the next logical pick for a team that desperately needs to add some Eli Manning insurance. Stanley fits the bill.


Would your Madden draft board look similar to this one?