MUT 16 Easter Program

MaddenStore Date: Mar/25/16 14:43:15 Views: 2421
Madden Ultimate Team 16's Easter program is live! This year the ultimate prize is a 99 OVR Night Train Lane at strong safety. Here is everything you need to know to get the most out of the program this year:

The new player items are the most exciting aspect of every major program. Here's the list of the Easter players 
you can expect to find in game:
Night Train Lane (Master Reward)
Sammy Watkins
Marcel Reece
Zack Martin
Bobby Wagner
David Amerson
Ryan Schsraeder
Mike Adams
Cliff Avril
Alex Smith
Melvin Ingram
Mike Pouncey
Trumaine Johnson
Andrew Whitworth
Vance McDonald
Jabaal Sheard
Here are Six Sets to help you organize all your eggs in a few different baskets:
Eggs-change Set: Add any Gold Egg Collectible to this set to earn an Easter Reward Pack that contains a guarenteed Easter Item!
Gold Easter Collectible: Add three unpainted Easter Eggs to this set to earn 1 random Gold Easter Egg Collectible or better!
Elite Easter Collectible: Add any Gold Tier Easter Egg to this set to earn a random Elite Easter Egg Collectible!
Gold Easter Player: Add any five Elite Easter Eggs to this set to earn one random Easter Gold Player!
Elite Easter Player: Add any seven Gold Tier Easter Eggs, Any seven Elite Easter Eggs, and any six Gold Easter Players to this set to earn one random Elite Easter Player.
Hare Apparent Solo: Add fifty Unpainted Easter Eggs to unlock the Hare Apparent Challenge! Beat the challenge to earn an Elite Easter Player and TWO Easter Collectibles.