Master the New Defensive Features in Madden 16

MaddenStore Date: Jan/29/16 00:40:03 Views: 1819

In this video we’re going to break down the New Defensive Feature in Madden 16 that lets us make adjustments to our Defense while staying on 1 defender the entire play. So for example, let’s say we are controlling the Middle Linebacker and we don’t want to ever click onto a different defender. However, our opponent is killing us in the flats and we need to make an adjustment. Thankfully with this new feature, you can put any 10 of the other defender on the field into coverage or blitz them without actually controlling them!


This is a great feature for the advanced players. Once everyone gets used to this feature, we will be able to set up blitzes that normally would take too long or have too many steps. Now this won’t be the case. Watch the Video Below to Find Out All of the Necessary information regarding this New Defensive Mechanic. If you have any questions, let us know by commenting below. Enjoy!