Madden NFL 18 Tips On Getting Tom Brady Legacy Award

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Madden NFL 18 is not a tough football simulation but is compared to the predecessors suitable for beginners and significantly beginner friendly. In addition to improved graphics, a single-player game mode (Longshot) has also found its way into the game. Although this is only a few hours long, it houses a few passable achievements / trophies.

As you go about the achievements / trophies of Madden NFL 18, basically it is up to you, as there is no real order for it. We will introduce you to our Madden NFL 18 Achievements Trophies Guide of Tom Brady Legacy Award provide general help in which order you can most effectively pick the achievements / trophies.

You can unlock this achievement / trophy without having played a match. Thanks to the possibility of simulating you just have to do some adjustments and wait a bit. Under the Tom Brady Legacy Award Achievement / Trophy we've provided you with two different variations on how to unlock them the easiest. Either with some patience offline or with a special roster, which you have to download.

Using a created player, coach, owner - surpass a legacy score of 27,000.

You can unlock all Legacy Award Achievements / Trophies in one go and do not have to play a single match directly, as you can easily simulate all the games you need.

For the Legacy Award Achievements / Trophies, you will need the so-called Legacy Score, which will be credited to your coach after games have been won. Once you've made the necessary basic settings (with or without a downloaded roster), you can view this legacy score as follows.

In the Things to do screen, you call up the Manage tab, select the My Coach tile and call up the Coach Goals. Here you can see the earned and required Legacy Score (see screenshot).

For the Legacy Award Achievements / Trophies, it is important that you create your own coach and make different settings.

We have two different variations for you to receive the Achievements / Trophies. The first variant is significantly more time consuming, but does not require an online connection, because no roster has to be downloaded. Whereas the second variant is done within about 15 minutes.

1st variant - without roster download (slow version offline)

• Select the franchise tile in the main menu, Cloud or Offline does not matter and confirm "Start a new franchise"

• Select Preseason or Active Roster

• Choose a suitable team

Go to the League Settings and select the following settings:

• Skill Level - All-Madden

• Game Speed: Normal

• Game Style: Simulation

• League Type: All

• Instant Starter: On

• Trade Deadline: On

• Trade Type: Disabled

• Coach Firing: Off

• Salary Cap: Off

• Relocation Settings: Disabled

• Injuries: Off

• Pre Existing Injury: Off

• Practice Squad Stealing: Off

• Player Progression Frequency: Weekly

• Clock Management

• Quarter Length: 6 minutes

• Accelerated Clock: On

• Minimum Play Clock Time: 20

• User Team Help

• Season Experience: Simple

• Team Settings

• Progress Players: On

• Fill Roster: On

• Choose Change Role and confirm yourself as a coach

• Confirm Create Coach and select your task (Motivator or Team Builder preferred)

• Create a coach or confirm the automatically created coach with "Accept & Continue"

• Select the starting point and set it to Preseason

• In the next screen, right click on League and select the Preseason Schedule

• Select Team Schedule and set all vs games to Force Home Win and all Games to Force Away Win

• Use the same Force Win settings for all subsequent matches of the selected team that you have achieved via League Schedule tile

• Go back to the "Things to do" mask, select Advance Week, go to the second option and set Sim to Playoffs

• Confirm and wait until the first achievements / trophies pop

• Once the simulation is over, go back to the League tab, select the Playoff Schedule tile and then Team Schedule

• Now set up the Force Wins again for your chosen team

• Back to "Things to do" to simulate until the Super Bowl

• When done, you set "Sim the Draft" in the Things to do screen

• Once the simulation is done, you go back to the Team Schedule Mask and adjust the Force Wins as described above

• Back to "Things to do" and simulate more games / years on the Advance Week tile

Tip: After each simulated year, you should stop the simulation and set your force wins again for the upcoming season to get the required legacy points faster.

Simulate now and again until you receive the Tom Brady Legacy Award Achievement / Trophy, which requires a Legacy Score of at least 27,000.


2nd variant - with roster download (faster version)

If you want to download a built-up roster from another player, you can unlock all Legacy Award achievements / trophies much faster.

Proceed as follows:

• Opens the Customize tile in the main menu

• Choose Share & Manage Files

• Select the tile "Download Community Files"

Either you directly search or sort by the number of downloads. What is needed now is a roster, which is prepared for the Legacy Award Achievements / Trophies (pay attention to the additional information to download).

The following roster can be used well:

Playstation 4 - File Name: MEASYTROPHIES, Created by M-Easy

Xbox One - File Name: 99Cowboys, Created by Tyko

• Download the corresponding roster and go to the "Load and Delete Files" tile in the Share & Manage Files section.

• Go to the tab "Roster" and make sure you have marked and downloaded the downloaded roster.

• Go to the main menu, go to the franchise tile and select Cloud

• Select "Start a new Franchise" and confirm "Use Custom Roster" - The game will now start importing the downloaded roster

• Select the team created in the download (all values are 99)

• Choose Change Role and confirm yourself as a coach

• Confirm Create Coach and select your task (Motivator or Team Builder preferred)

• Create a coach or use the automatically created "Accept & Continue" button

• Back again, you now select the League Settings tile and change all the required settings as follows:

      Skill Level - All-Madden

      Game Speed: Normal

      Game Style: Simulation

      League Type: All

      Instant Starter: On

      Trade Deadline: On

      Trade Type: Disabled

      Coach Firing: Off

      Salary Cap: Off

      Relocation Settings: Disabled

      Injuries: Off

      Pre Existing Injury: Off

      Practice Squad Stealing: Off

      Player Progression Frequency: Weekly

      User Team Help

      Season Experience: Simple

      Clock Management

      Quarter Length: 6 minutes

      Accelerated Clock: On

      Minimum Play Clock Time: 20

      Team Settings

      Progress Players: On

      Fill Roster: On

• Once all the required settings have been completed, go back and confirm the large tile (Start Playing Regular Season)

Tip: If you want, you can now set your Season Goal to Very High to get more XP.

• Open the tile with Advance Week and choose "Sim 10 Years"

• Confirm again that you want to simulate

Now it's time to wait until all Legacy Award Achievements / Trophies including the Tom Brady Legacy Award are popped up, which normally should only take a few minutes.