Madden NFL 18 Ranked At Sales Charts In USA On February 2018

MaddenStore Date: Mar/26/18 13:37:51 Views: 2256

Video games are a very popular form of entertainment and come in a variety of genres, such as action, first-person shooter, survivor, massive multiplayer online, sports and so much more. Video games related to sports like AAA title Madden NFL 18 have also proven to be popular, especially among athletes.

NPD Group has concluded the video game sale charts in the US in 2018. In February 2018, approximately US $ 995 million was spent on computer and video games (hardware, software, and accessories) in the US, up 23 percent from February 2017 ($ 811 million). Hardware sales increased 55 percent (from $ 204 million to $ 316 million). The software sales on PC and consoles amounts to 397 million dollar and did not change in relation to the previous year.

Madden NFL 18 ranked 15th at Software Sales Charts in the US in February 2018 while it was the 4th one in the list of bestsellers of the last 12 months.