Madden NFL 18 Is Nominated Writers Guild Awards

MaddenStore Date: Jan/19/18 01:05:50 Views: 1884

Madden NFL 18 is one of candidates who have the chance to win awards for their writing.

Each year, the Writers Guild of America honors the best writers and co-writers in film, television, radio, and video games for some time. Now, nominees for the 2018 Writers Guild Awards have been announced in the Outstanding Achievement in Videogame Writing category. The mobile game Madden NFL 18: Longshot was nominated in the Outstanding Achievement in Videogame Writing award.

According to Tabby Awards, the Android winners from the 2017 Mobile App Awards and Mobile Game Awards competitions has been announced. The 2017 Mobile Game Award winners are presented by device type and operating system category. Winning game Madden NFL 18 is included in the Mobile Game Awards - Android Tablet / iPad category.