Madden NFL 18 Is A Real Narrative Campaign

MaddenStore Date: Oct/24/17 13:58:47 Views: 2151

The Madden Series celebrates its 30th anniversary next year and has undergone many changes over time. You might think that the series has arrived at a point where you just can not add any updates because everything has already been done. Some fans already believe that the last parts seem too similar to each other and therefore choose to skip once a year. With Madden NFL 18, Electronic Arts really adds something new, namely a real narrative campaign. Does this change every fan to purchase the newest part?

Well-known Recipe

If you start playing a new part of Madden, you know for the most part what the game entails. Again for Madden NFL 18 again, everything that was in its predecessor is also being discussed again. So the game is still very fun, well-known modes like Ultimate Team and Franchise are part of the game and you can play online with other gamers. Madden NFL 18's base is, like its predecessor, well-matched and fun and fun, and content that will keep you busy, if not months.


As you have already read, the biggest innovation is the narrative campaign 'LongShot'. Herein you follow Devin Wade, an awesome talent that has caused nothing to happen for a number of years. Still, the blood creeps where it can not and can he try to play in the NFL again. This is shaped by means of many cut-scenes, quick-time events, contests and decisions that you have to make. You can instantly see that a lot of time is spent on this mode. Everything looks very well looked after, the voice-acting is fine and perhaps the most important thing is telling you a story. It outlines a fairly accurate picture of how difficult it is to play in the NFL for boys who are not in the sight of the various scouts.

LongShot is therefore a good addition, and Madden fans really do something different, even though something similar has been done in other sports games several times. It's true that once you've played this campaign, you'll never touch him again. LongShot is good for a couple of hours, so you're ready for the campaign. When you complete the story, you are releasing challenges in Ultimate Team that are related to Wade's story and that is a very nice addition. You will get a nice reward if you play LongShot until the end.

More Precision

Other LongShot changes have been made, but these are not as significant as the narrative campaign. The game is about the same as its predecessor, but there is now the possibility to use a new feature: Target Passing. This makes the throwing of the ball harder, but you can place the ball more accurately. However, it will not be for everyone, because you have to spend a lot of time to get the benefits of it. But whether you're using it or not, it's not a game changer. If you were to play Madden NFL 17 and then Madden NFL 18 then it will feel almost the same. That's not a bad thing, because last year the game played a lot of fun, but for some gamers this may be a reason to skip this year.

Some adjustments have been made in the various modes offered by Madden NFL 18. This way Franchise mode gives you more options and Ultimate Team is more user-friendly. You can now also play Ultimate Team in a 3 vs 3 setup online. This is a cool feature, but it's not new. Previously in the series, it was possible to have more friends in your team. Also there is now Play Now Live, in which you play the same games that are currently in the NFL. It has also been attempted to address a wider audience with the game. You can choose from three different game modes. These differ from fast and simple games to all the bells and bells that the game has to offer you. For all these additions, they obviously make Madden NFL 18 better, but they are not features that gamers persuaded to buy the game. It is clear that most time has been put in LongShot.

Almost Real

Whatever has changed, Madden NFL 18 now also uses the Frostbite Engine. Especially the exposure has made a big step forward, and this is especially seen in LongShot. Just like every year, new animations have been added and we have now come to a point that it all approaches the reality very close. Even the various athletes now look even more realistic and there are sometimes moments when it seems like you are watching a real NFL match. The shine and tackles are sometimes so fat that you will use the repeat function repeatedly to see everything in slow motion. Unfortunately, you are regularly reassessed from the experience. It sometimes happens that limb passes through someone. This happens almost always after a 'play' is over - so it does not bother you in the gameplay - but it is very much because the rest is so realistic.

Again No Success

Realistic is something you could never say about the comments of previous sections in the series, because it was just a mistake. Whether the comment word that was used was not authenticated or repeatedly repeated. In Madden NLF 18 there is another reason why the game does not make any difference at this point. Attempts have been made to make the idea that the gentlemen who defeat the game really do live. They sometimes talk about things that basically have nothing to do with the game and sometimes make a joke. These jokes are so pointed and felt so scripted that this will very distract. The joke is simply not fun. It's just too often for a match. Apart from this, the comment is okay, although some information is sometimes given. The newest part, too, reminds us of this.


In principle, Madden NFL 18 has not changed a lot. There have been some adjustments everywhere, and these are definitely beneficial to the game. Especially in the field of animations, the game looks very impressive, but in fact, LongShot is the only thing that truly distinguishes this title from the previous part. So if you are in possession of Madden NFL 17 and if you do not see anything in a narrative campaign, Madden NFL 18 may not be a perfect successor for you and you can better skip a year. Really, many innovations do not miss you because it plays essentially the same as last year. If you just want to play the best version of American Football, Madden NFL 18 is sure to do that for you. There are still some improvement points, but the game looks very good, plays very well and has enough content to keep you busy with the next edition.