Madden NFL 18 Challenge Tournament Will Be Distributed On CW Special

MaddenStore Date: Dec/13/17 21:42:55 Views: 2024

To promote the latest title of the biggest and most popular game franchise Madden NFL 18, the CW is going to bring EA Madden NFL 18 Challenge as the fourth eSports special CW broadcast to television.

Confirmed by offical EA Madden NFL twitter, the upcoming 2018 Madden Challenge will feature a special on the CW! As Variety announced, the special will have 8 competitors show in the Madden NFL 18 Challenge like the reality TV show, Survivor.

"The CW believes eSports has appeal outside the hard-core base, and its latest bet is EA Madden NFL 18 Challenge, a one-hour primetime special produced by Electronic Arts that will air Dec. 27 on the network."

In addition, the eight eSports players participating in the Madden NFL competition are JoelCP, Spoto, Prodigy, Mattstergamer, Group B, Hollywood, Young Kiv, Drini and Dubby. Apart from some content from the tournament play, the TV special will focus on the narratives of these players.

You can also watch the Madden Challenge on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Mixer from December 18 to 22. Stay tuned for more details here!