Madden NFL 17 new Ball Carrier Special Moves Revealed

MaddenStore Date: May/22/16 11:47:20 Views: 2113

EA Sports revealed tons of new information about Madden NFL 17. Among the long list of features are new special move types plus three new sets of ball carriers. Ball carriers inside Madden games have routinely been given abilities that enable them to pull off incredible moves while on the field, and in Madden NFL 17, a revamped system is aiming to provide players with a more accurate depiction of the action.




For this installment of the franchise, Electronic Arts (EA) is introducing a new system that will enable all the players on the field to pull off their own array of special moves.


The special moves being introduced will be specific to certain player types and they will account for different factors, with overall ratings and even weight among the things that are considered.


For example, those players who have been given special move ratings that are in the 90s will be able to pull off the "Elite" ball carrier moves. Only the best of the best ball carriers in Madden NFL 17 will be given the opportunity to showcase these "Elite" moves.


As for those ball carriers who aren't quite part of the elite classification but who are still pretty skilled themselves, they will also be given special moves that correspond to their given ratings. As EA noted, these moves aren't quite as spectacular and effective as the "Elite" tricks but they can still get the job done.


Even the players who aren't supposed to be carrying the ball will be given their own special moves.


For the hulking players such as the offensive and defensive linemen who somehow get a hold of the football, they will be able to pull off "Lumbering" moves. As the name suggests, the "Lumbering" moves are significantly less effective, and ideally, players won't have to use them too often over the course of playing Madden NFL 17.


With this system implemented, players may be able to see new moves ranging from spectacular to not-quite-as-incredible whenever they take to the virtual field.