Madden NFL 17 Has New Ball Physics and a Different Kick Meter

MaddenStore Date: May/28/16 11:13:15 Views: 2206

EA Sports has revealed some new information about Madden 17 today. A blog entry talks extensively about the new additions and changes they have made to this year's game.


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One of the changes that Madden veterans will notice in Madden 17 is that there is a new "Kick Meter" added this year. The reason for the change is because they want kicking to feel "less automatic". They want to challenge players other than just flicking up on the analog stick.


Madden 17 now adopts a three-button approach to kicking much like you will see in a baseball or golf game. Here's how you kick: "You click the button once to start the kick, click again at the top of the meter to set power and finally again at the bottom of the meter to set accuracy"


Another big area that has been improved are the ball physics. EA Sports notes that "the ball has been fully integrated into our Ignite physics engine and the results are game changing". The areas that have been focused are: Organic Knockouts and Tipped Balls, Blocked Kicks, Onside Kicks, Loose Ball Recovery and Throwing of the Sack.


If you want to read more extensively about the changes that have been made in Madden 17, you can keep clese concern in our website here.