Madden NFL 17 Gameplay Video Shows New Juke Moves and Score Banner

MaddenStore Date: May/27/16 23:24:39 Views: 2041

Madden NFL 17 was officially confirmed about two weeks ago by Electronic Arts which was followed by the official reveal detailing Rob Gronkowski on the cover as well as personalization, immersion and competition advancements it will get.




Now, a very small clip of Madden NFL 17 gameplay has been shared by EA Tiburon which shows off the work in progress on a number of areas.


Since the game is in early phase of development, we are sure most of the American football fans are going to bear with us until there are better, more complete visuals to share. Until then, however, let's dig into the Madden NFL 17 gameplay video. This clip is 17 seconds long and was shared on the official Twitter profile of EA Sports Madden NFL.


The video is basically showing off new ball carrier moves, outlining what new juke moves you are going to be able to use in order to embarrass the defenders because the developers say that "new juke moves in [Madden 17] give you every tool you need to embarrass defenders." You can watch it, and while you are at it, do notice that the clip has also revealed the new score banner on top of the screen.


So far fans are liking the new score banner as well as whatever little has been shown with regards to the Madden NFL 17 gameplay including the new juke moves.


The game also brings a very expansive Madden Ultimate Team Loyalty Program, much improved ball physics and plays and much more that is yet to be revealed.


Madden NFL 17 is being developed by EA Tiburon for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Are you going to get it?