Madden 18 - NFL Is Flying The Egg Again

MaddenStore Date: Nov/07/17 11:14:42 Views: 1929

For several weeks the US sports league NFL is flying the egg again. While the American football professionals chase after the next touchdown on the field, fans can simultaneously prove their skills at the console at 'Madden NFL 18'. We have the game tapped for you. Here is our game criticism for the test.

"Longshot" - Or The American Football Ream

Fat shoulderpats, cracking tackles and an Oscar-ready production - all this the NFL offers its fans. What is standard in the TV, the fans of the "Madden" series has been denied so far. Although the games had been cineastic for a while, a real emotional bond with the players was missing. This changes in the new part of the sports series. With "Longshot" is the first time a story mode included - comparable to "The Journey", the counterpart, which was introduced a year ago in "FIFA 17". Unlike the FIFA offshoot, however, you spend relatively little time on the field or in skill exercises. Much stronger is the failed talent in the center.

This is Devin Wade. Once celebrated star quaterback of his high school, he distanced himself after a stroke of fate from the football. Years later, he wants to know it again and use his last NFL chance. The way to realize his dream is rather unconventional. Instead of shining in the traditional training camps of the Football League, you must accompany Wade on his way through the TV show "Longshot".

Talent, dropouts and back - the played American Dream. Embellished with pathos and patriotism, history sometimes adds a bit of American spirit, such as when you visit an old military colleague on an army base to play a round of football. Hollywood sends its regards. All in all, it is shallow entertainment that is visually well staged and garnished with prominent cameo appearances. For example, Dan Marino, former star quaterback of the Miami Dolphins, is a temporary mentor.

Nice, New Football World

The fact that the new Madden title can convince visually - whether in story mode or in a head-to-head game - is due to the new game engine. Instead of going with Ignite as before, the sports series changes to Frostbite from DICE. So here's the alignment with the football series "FIFA", which is already since 2016 with the game engine on the market.

The bill pays off. Apart from small jerks convinced the new engine. Faces, stadiums and individual moves seem smoother and more realistic. The moves also require finer timing and even more tact. Only those who master both will, as the ball bearer, defend the opposing defense or bring it to the ground through hits and tackles.

Anyway: Instead of wildly rumzudoktom on the gameplay, the development team has dedicated itself to fine-tuning. In addition to the already mentioned optimized player control, for example, the strengths of the moves were adjusted and the AI achievements stabilized.

And musically? As is well known, unlike the alternative and indie tracks dominated FIFA, the focus on hip hop sounds. You can hear tracks from A $ AP Rocky, Joey Bada $$ or Kendrick Lamar. The musical unity is intentionally broken through country songs in story mode. Surprising at first, more than fitting for the narrated story.

Step By Step From The FIFA Shadow

"King football rules the world" - in real life, as well as on the console a true saying in Germany. But with the continued boom in football, the Madden series of Publisher Electronic Arts is also coming into focus. 'Madden NFL 18' succeeds in refining the feel of the 'Madden' series - not to mention the premiere of the story mode 'Longshot'.

The entry should also Madden newcomers succeed. Basically, the mechanisms of the sport are well explained. In addition one finds oneself despite consistent English language and text edition quickly cope.