Madden 17 Knows Who Won the Josh Norman

MaddenStore Date: Jun/17/16 11:17:04 Views: 1698

About 15 seconds into the first trailer for Madden 17, virtual cornerback Josh Norman gives Redskins fans a taste of what they hope will happen this season in reality.


Josh noeman


He's seen jumping and breaking up a pass against Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant, and as the two fall to the ground, Dallas head coach Jason Garrett emerges into the foreground kicking the grass in frustration.


The biggest intrigue surrounding Norman has been how he will match up against NFC East receivers such as Bryant and Odell Beckham. Well, Madden seems to have it right, so far.


The Redskins participated in some pressure situation drills yesterday – something he'll likely face when the Redskins matchup with the Cowboys and Giants this season. He embraces it.


"Oh my gosh your back is against the wall, everyone is gunning for you. Who's going to make a play? Who's going to be that hero to save the day?" he said. "That's the biggest thing I get from it, that gets my blood pumping, excited. Goosebumps are rising right now as I talk about it because I could be out here all day playing football, I love the game that much. That's what gets me going."


For now, you have Madden to get you going.