Madden 16 Rookie Ratings for First Round Picks

MaddenStore Date: May/04/16 22:37:12 Views: 1854

The 2016 NFL Draft class is complete and the long wait till training camp begins, that means we can start with the speculation. But the one thing is Madden ratings for the rookies.




EA Sports released the ratings of the 1st round picks in the 2016 NFL draft which means two of those players are on the 49ers. DeForest Buckner was graded at 83 overall with a 72 speed rating and a 75 agility rating. Joshua Garnett was graded at 79 overall with a 62 speed rating and a 66 agility rating. Not too shabby for either having not played a down in the NFL.


Both of these players are available for download to your Madden Ultimate Team roster. Of course, you'll need either some coins or real world currency if you want to get them--probably more of the latter if you want to be sure to add the 49ers picks. For the uninitiated, Madden 16's Ultimate Team mode is a nifty little mode revolving around card packs and putting together a ridiculously good team with players from past and present. You get your squads built using accumulated in-game coins, but if you really want to have a devastating team, you'll have to sink in quite a bit of your own, hard earned money to get the players you want as relying on in-game currency can take a gazillion hours of playtime.


By principle, I've tried to stay away from freemium content on games. Especially games for which I've already ponied up $60. I've managed to do this quite well for the most part, and this is coming from someone who plays Capcom fighters and MMORPGs. How I didn't buy Final Fantasy: All the Bravest is still a mystery. Regardless, if you're someone who absolutely needs some help on your MUT as players affectionately call it, perhaps going after these guys can do it?