Madden 16 Golden Tickets Player

MaddenStore Date: Mar/30/16 02:15:58 Views: 3910
If this is your first season playing Madden Ultimate Team, Golden Tickets give you the ability to create your own MUT player item that will be released over the coming weeks. You start with an existing player in the game, and get to upgrade his ratings as you see fit (within rules EA sets).
With the majority of the MUT player base on next generation consoles, there are 15 available Golden Tickets each on XB1 and PS4. There are 4 available on 360 and PS3.
If you are lucky enough to find a Golden Ticket, which player will you create? There are 38 scheduled Golden Ticket players to be made. Below you will find a list of players that have already been chosen from people who pulled a GT. This post will be update daily:
99 QB Cam Newton
99 WR Calvin Johnson
99 QB Michael Vick
99 SS Night Train Lane
99 CB Richard Sherman
99 WR Jarvis Landry
99 ROLB Demarcus Ware
99 CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie x2
99 MLB Mychal Kendricks
99 QB Russell Wilson
99 HB Emitt Smith
99 SS Roy Williams
99 SS Eric Berry
99 QB Tony Romo
99 WR Wes Welker
99 QB Joe Flacco