Madden 16: Pistol Slot Wing Tips

MaddenStore Date: Jan/28/16 11:22:53 Views: 2016

Pistol Slot Wing is important in Madden 16. Here in this tip we are breaking down a Money Play from the Saints Offensive Playbook in Madden 16. This play is in any other NFL playbook that has the Pistol Slot Wing Formation. We did not break this play down in our recent Saints Offensive Ebook.. however, it is something that we do use occasionally. So for the guys that use the Saints playbook, definitely mix this into your Offense!


Saints Offensive Playbook

  • Formation: Pistol Slot Wing
  • Play – PA Cross In (It is a Quick Audible)



  • Slant Left Outside WR
  • Motion Left Slot WR to the Right and hike as soon as he sets