Madden 16: Do You Love New Madden

MaddenStore Date: Dec/31/15 16:40:32 Views: 2594

Huge madden fan here I love the new mechanics/Draft champions/etc. but what needs work are the solo challenges. I have been cruising through them easily and then they make it unnecessarily hard by having your guys drop every other pass and fumble constantly.

madden 16


All madden should be tough but it shouldn't just have the CPU blow up your play every time. I am all about overcoming challenges but this is ridiculous. I've always thought that All-Madden difficulty is stupid. Rather than making the opponent tougher, they literally just make your players way worse.


This is true, the only exeption I remember was the final solo challenge in MUT15. Michael Vick just threw so quick and made so many smart throws. My players weren't worse, but the CPU was better. Although it was kinda cheesy when they would know what play I chose on defense so they could run the counter of my play.


exactly. All madden if usually fine but if you do a set of challenges the last one or two can be ridiculously difficult (errant passes, fumbles, and CPU broken tackles). They do need to rework the AI to be a little more different each time.