Maddden 16: Wish List for 2016

MaddenStore Date: Jan/01/16 06:02:14 Views: 2165

I'm so happy to thought we could post what we want EA to fix in 2016. My personal favorite is that fix the coin glitch in the auction house where I have to back out after every bid to get my coins back. Oh, god! How about you?

maddle 16


Wish One:

I want a Steelers Bengals week 16 match up to feel differently than a Colts Bills week 2 match up. I want the Superbowl to feel like the biggest game of the year and not a pre-season game. And for god sake, even if it's all-madden, Matt Schaub should not be going 23-25 for 325 and 2 td's.


Wish Two:

How about a fucking decent career mode? Quit sucking money out of the users for MUT and focus on the shit that makes the player happy. NBA 2k makes a killing because of a very loyal fan base. If you really want to impress me, get NCAA licensing back and make NCAA football. OR!!! just reskin NCAA 14 for next gen, then you'll have my attention.


Wish Three:

Here's some that needs to be fixed:


Super sim is broke. The CPU runs a play every 15 seconds and it results in unrealistic stats. It's a pain to set the game clock and accel clock up perfectly in CFM so that you can get accurate stats.


Sub in/Sub out sliders in CFM are broke. No matter how much you change these sliders, nothing works. Not a gamebreaker but pretty annoying, especially for something that is easy to fix.


Also, would love to be able to set positions like slot receiver, receiving back, etc. It could be set up so that your slot receiver is automatically in the slot on all offensive plays where there is a slot guy in the formation, and they revert back to the depth chart for plays without a slot guy. Receiving back would be more complicated. It's just annoying in CFM seeing Darren Sproles get 275 carries in a season just because he has a good OVR to make him a starter.


Wish Four:

Substitutions work for me. Especially at HB, My 2nd string gets like a 1/3 of my runs which is ok for me. And on big drives my 3rd strings get some action too. Setting the slot receiver would be awesome though.


Wish Five:

Fix the coin glitch in the auction house where I have to back out after every bid to get my coins back.